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Trends and fashions fluctuate wildly through time as style preferences change and evolve – but there’s no doubt about it; right now, vintage is having its moment in the sun. Vintage styling, and vintage sofas, are coming back in vogue, with many interior looks starting to reflect a range of new trends that hold something of a retro appeal.

From 40s and 50s chic to even earlier trends, encapsulated by dark wooden hues and leathers to match, looks that pull their influences from days gone by are starting to come to the fore in a world where trends continually push boundaries.

If you’re looking to re-style your living room with a vintage theme woven in, we have a range of vintage sofas to match the look you’re aiming to recreate. Take design inspiration from decades of style, mixing old with new to create stunning looks that last.

40s and 50s comfort

There was something lovingly warm and homely about the 40s and 50s, with a strong emphasis on home comfort. Interior design trends really started to take effect in this era, with pastel colours holding a strong influence and hardwood flooring becoming popular. Low coffee tables, generous fireplaces and exposed brick walls were hallmarks of the time. Sofas were generally understated in their design and style. The sophisticated and elegant Maltby hits the spot nicely for this era, handcrafted from exquisite natural leather that develops a beautiful, distressed look as it ages.

Sofology Maltby brown leather sofa
Sofology Candi fabric sofa in green, blue and red

70s cool

If you don’t remember the 1970s, trust us – it was a super cool period. The quiet stylings of the decades before gave way to looks that embraced brightness, bold design and colour pops aplenty. Minimalism took a back seat as 70s décor emerged, unashamed at making a statement. You might not want to go full 70s, with psychedelic patterns and loud floral curtains mirroring the cushions on the furniture – but you will need an eye-catching sofa to really pull the 70s style off. Go for something with a pop of colour.

80s extravagance

The 1980s were brash and outrageous, a decade when everything seemed to get larger and louder – stereos, TVs, plants; you name it, it was making its mark. Colour styling was expressive and it wasn’t unusual to see thick-pile red carpets or pale yellow and orange internal walls. Sofas during this era were often oversized and all about comfort, providing the maximum opportunity to stretch out and relax while watching a movie on the cutting-edge VHS system. To replicate the look, go for a generous corner sofa, such as the Parma, available in a very 80s grey, with statement quilting detail.


Classic vintage sofas of yesteryear

For the ultimate in timeless classic vintage, you don’t need to look much further than a Chesterfield-inspired sofa. This type of sofa looks superb in any room – in fact, it’s both iconic and instantly recognisable in the world of furniture design. Its origins date back centuries, but it works in the most modern of rooms, especially against pale interior walls and stripped back, wooden flooring. With a low back style with complementing arms of equal height, and deep buttoned leather upholstery, the Chesterfield-inspired sofa exudes class, luxury and the ultimate in refined fashion. For a stunning example of a vintage sofa based on the Chesterfield design, take a look at the illustrious Stamford.


When it comes to sofa style, vintage never truly goes out of fashion, and the retro look is never far away from making a spectacular comeback. If you want to bring the classics back to life in your living room, start with a sofa you love and fully embrace the timeless charm of vintage design.

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