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Your beautiful new sofa is all picked out, ordered and we know you’re counting down the days until it’s perfectly in place in your living room and you’ve got your feet up with a nice cup of tea!

Waiting for your new sofa to arrive is the most exciting and the most agonising part of the whole process. While you wait for it to be expertly handcrafted and ready for delivery, here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for that all important Delivery Day!


Measure up

We’re sure you measured up before you headed out sofa shopping - so you know your new furniture is going to be the perfect size for your room - but did you remember to measure your doors and hallways? Getting your sofa inside safely is the trickiest part of the delivery process. We want to make sure that the installation can be completed without damage to either the sofa or your home, so crack out that tape measure and just double check the front and back doors to help with step number 2…

Plan the route

Once you’ve finished measuring up you’ll know the best route for our specialist delivery team to take. When the installations team arrive on delivery day, you’ll be able to walk them through the route, advise them of any tight corners and leave it up to their expertise. To make things extra easy, clear any hazards out of the way so there’s as much room as possible to navigate your new sofa through the house. Don’t forget - doors and even windows can be removed if space is really tight.

Make some space

Once the access route is clear take your tidying up into the living room. Clearing the room as much as possible before the delivery drivers arrive is the best way to help ensure a smooth installation. It gives the team a little more space to manoeuvre, along with protecting the rest of your furniture if it’s been moved safely out of the way. You could even run the vacuum around while there’s no sofa covering the carpet - don’t worry, our tidy installations team will take all their rubbish away with them so there’ll be no mess left behind.

Leave it to the professionals

This is the easiest part of the installation! Stand back and do nothing! Our installations team are the experts. They know all the tricks to help get your sofa in safely and quickly so you can rely on them to take charge and get the job done. Once the sofa's in the room, they’ll be sure to fit any feet, plump up any cushions and deliver care advice specific to your new furniture. It’s in safe hands!

Inspect and... relax!

The final step? Take a good look at your beautiful new sofa. Is everything as you expected? See anything that concerns you? Now’s the best time to ask questions or raise queries, while our team is still there in your home with all their expertise to help. In the very unlikely event that there is any minor damage to your sofa, our teams are all qualified to assess and repair before they leave. Our ultimate goal is not to leave until you feel at home on a sofa you love, so make sure you give every item a good once over and then it’s finally time to sink back and...relax!

Once you’re all settled, show us your new sofa! Get comfy, take a photo and share it with us online using the tag #sofaselfies

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  • K Dibble says:

    Please see the following sizes – front door width 78cm (30.5inches).
    Lounge door width 74cm (29 inches)
    Small hallway between front door and lounge – size 145cm (57inches) X 214cm (7ft)

    • Rachel potter says:

      Hi when I ordered this sofa the lady told me they will fit, as they are separate. I live on the second floor I told her this information, the main doors leading up to the flat are 84 cms into the flat are 74 cms I also asked for the afternoon delivery

      • Alice Flemming says:

        Hi Rachel, thanks for reaching out! I’m pleased to see that your furniture has now been successfully delivered! We hope you enjoy it! Make sure you tag @Sofology and #SofologyHome in your sofa pictures to be in with a chance to feature on our website!
        We can’t guarantee a morning or afternoon delivery I’m afraid however we do give customers a 4 hour estimated time slot and our drivers call when they’re on the way to your home.

        Many thanks,

  • Susan Smith says:

    Really appreciate the customer service and care.

  • Patricia Batty says:

    I already described the route to my 1st floor flat. If your van is not too high it can park under the archway at the entrance to Beatty Court car park. On the right are stepswith railings leading to a emergency door. This is alarmed but the house manager will release this at 9am.ù

  • Christine Marshall says:

    Thank you but our sofas are arriving in a dismantled form so there shouldn’t be a problem getting them through the front door.

  • peter jackson says:

    please reply to my delivery date is this achievable for friday after 445pm,,,,please let me know otherwise ill have to re arrange

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Peter,

      If you are still having issues taking delivery, please pop an email through to our [email protected] email address with your order details and a member of our team will be in touch.

      Many thanks,

  • Flo McGarvey says:

    when we ordered the sofas we told the salesperson we have a very narrow hallway. He assured us that the delivery people would be informed, and that it would come part assembled and would assemble it when it was in living room

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Flo,

      Thanks for the comments, our store staff are great at advising if the furniture can be broken down for delivery on the day!

      Many thanks

  • Una Kelly says:

    Hi there, I live on the top floor – 2.5 flights up and I have a narrow doorway. My doorway is 78inchs x 28.5inches and the hallway is 38inches wide. I have to work at 12pm so can I please have a morning delivery. Many Thanks, Una

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Una,

      You would need to speak with our Deliveries booking team, if you give them a call on 03444 818181 and follow the options through they will be able to help!

      Many thanks

  • Iam very sad because I have got email from you Yesterday told me ‏Will be arrived yesterday within four hours so that I still waited yesterday from 1 pm to 6 pm after that my sofa has not arrived then the company send another message told me they arranged a new appointment to send my sofa!
    Can you tell me how Does company apologise to me?
    Any discounts or offers?

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Naif,

      I’m sorry to hear this! Please, could you forward your order details through to [email protected] and I will arrange for a member of our priority support to give you a call.

      Many thanks

  • Lyn mayhew says:

    Door ways are74 cm wide there should be no problem easy route

  • Ann Batty says:

    Please could you reset my sofology account as it still shows my cancelled date as the delivery date?

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Ann,

      If you could pop an email through to [email protected] with your order details and I will arrange for a member of our General Enquiries team to sort this for you.

      Many thanks

  • Tracy Greenhough says:

    Sue at Crewe store is the most amazing sales lady. Super helpful, brilliant advisor and awesome to get on with. 5 star service!!!!

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks so much for your kind words on your experience with Sue at the Crewe Store! We will certainly pass on the feedback.

      Many thanks

  • Mrs Anne Oakley says:

    Please inform the delivery drivers that I am unable to speak .I understand all that is being said , and I have an I pad to communicate

  • Anne Gibb says:

    What time slot have i got .didn’t get any time sent yesterday .

  • Margaret Brown says:

    Once you come inside my front door there’s 13 stairs to go up as I live in a four in a block flat.

  • Ross Bayley says:

    Please can you confirm the email address where I can make a formal complaint?

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Ross,

      I’m sorry to hear you are wanting to make a complaint. If you could please pop an email through to [email protected] with your details and a member of the priority support team will be in touch.

      Many thanks,

  • Andrew Grant says:

    Front door width 74cm but opened door may narrow this to nearer 70cm. No other restricted access.

  • Ann Hutchinson says:

    Hi I am expecting my new sofa/armchair on Friday .my presant 2 seater sofa is still in place ,it will need to be moved a short way away.in another room , I am 80 years old with no help ,will the delivery men be prepared to do this .thanks Ann.

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Ann,

      I can see you have already received delivery of your new furniture, I hope everything went smoothly for you. Our drivers are always as helpful as possible and would happily move furniture around for you but would not be able to remove this out of your property.

      Many thanks,

  • Andrew Hampson says:

    Hi you have asked me to measure up to plan route, what are the minimum dimensions needed to get the sofa in the house down the hall into the lougne

  • Mrs & Mrs P W Cramer says:

    Ordered a 3 & 2 seater Gallier sofas 26/11/19 for delivery on the 22/1/20. Waited in but no delivery
    On phoning the despatch they had no record of a delivery for us.
    Phone the store to find that that had forgotten to order it.
    Forgot to ask for our mobile number to text us, taken the address down wrong when trying to pay on over the phone, the address did not tie-up wither the address on c/card
    Had to drive to the store (45 mins there and back) to pay the balance.
    Checked everything to make sure the delivery was ok for 22/1/20 told that everything Wes fine.
    Come the day no delivery told it would be 30/1/20 after complaining they could deliver on 24/1/20.
    We had got rid of our old suit and were sitting on our dining room chairs not comfortable for whole evening then to be told we will have to sit on them for 2 more whole days is not nice especially as we are in our 80’s. No one seems to be bother at the store to be told how good the staff are.
    Our option is totally incomplete. Would not buy from you again and will definitely not recommend you to friend or relations.

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi there, apologies for the delayed response. Thank you for raising your concerns with us. I’m really sorry to hear that you had problems with your delivery. If you’d like to pop an email over to our team on [email protected], they will be more than happy to look into this for you.

      Many thanks,

  • Hannah says:

    Hi. I’ve just moved into the house, and my sofa is due to be delivered tomorrow. I’ve just double checked the measurements, and it won’t actually fit through the front door, or the door to the living room. Help!!

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi Hannah, I can see that your sofa has now been delivered. Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to tag @Sofology in your sofa posts and #SofologyHome for a chance to feature on our website!

      Many thanks

  • C J Steinhausen says:

    Hi my sofa is scheduled for delivery on Monday 2nd March do you have an estimated time it will arrive
    42 West Hoe Rd
    PL1 3FB
    [email protected]

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I can see your furniture has now been successfully delivered. Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to tag @Sofology and #SofologyHome on your pictures to be in the chance to feature on our website and social media channels.

      Many thanks,

    • Alex Williams says:

      Hi, our sofas are due for delivery on the 6th of January and wanted to know if they come disassembled as our doorways are 74cm which is too small for the sofas fully built up

      • Alice Flemming says:

        Hi Alex,

        Some of our sofas do breakdown for delivery but some don’t. I can see from your order that your sofa does breakdown so our Installation team shouldn’t have a problem delivering it.


  • Pamela Bryan says:

    Is it possible to cancel my delivery for tomorrow and reschedule it for next week.

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi Pamela,

      The easiest way to reschedule your delivery is by ringing our team on 03444 81 81 81 and choosing the options for Deliveries.

      Many thanks

      • Nigel Burchell says:

        Hi, we were told in the Sofology shop our sofa’s are coming and they are dismantled and will be made in the room on the delivery day. Our doors are narrow.
        Is this true ?

        Many thanks


        • Alice Flemming says:

          Hi Nigel,

          It totally depends on which sofa you have chosen! Some are delivered already built, and some arrive in pieces and our Installation team build them in your home.

  • Georgina Crichton says:

    Are the delivery men able to remove the glass from our front window to get the sofa inside or do I have to organise?


    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hey. The best thing to do is to contact a glazier in your area to remove the window ready for your sofa delivery as our drivers aren’t qualified to do this.

      Many thanks

  • Mark Barton says:

    We where told the suite comes in separate pieces. So there should be no problem.