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Botanical trends have been a real hit this year, playing different roles in several looks from spring trends through to summer and now autumn. Floral tones and elements can help to breathe new life and a fresh feeling into a space but, particularly in autumn, this florals theme can take a darker and more atmospheric turn, taking its place amongst the more dramatic feelings and themes of the season.

Whilst it’s true that you can introduce the feeling of autumn into your home with brown, gold, red and orange shades, you can also create a stunning dark floral living space that will look amazing throughout the year. Read on to find out how.

Style the space with floral patterns

When it comes to introducing the dark florals trend into your home, botanical elements are simply a must. Whether you decide to use florals across all of your walls, or just on a feature wall, choosing the right pattern is vital. This choice depends entirely on your tastes and the look you want for your space – bear in mind that florals can look busy, especially in smaller rooms, so use them wisely! A smaller room might benefit from one feature wall of floral patterned wallpaper, whilst larger rooms can make floral wallpaper throughout burst with colour and detail.

Having a feature wall is an easy route to go down, and the rest of the walls can flow through to the floral wallpaper simply by matching their colour with the wallpaper background. Usually with the dark floral theme this will be deep blues and navys or slate and charcoal tones. The more adventurous decorator will go for a room papered solely with floral patterns, but be sure to match furniture and accessories to these florals so the room flows and doesn’t feel jarring.

Choosing the right furniture and accessories

Your furniture should work more as background pieces with this look – functional but still stylish and on trend. You want your floral designs and prints to be the focus of the room, so choose furniture that complements the botanical elements, rather than pieces that detract the focus. You can stick with traditional wooden furniture, perhaps painted black or other dark tones or choose simplistic metallic furniture to place in the space, like a dull metal side table or gold toned coffee table.

Using the right metallic pieces can give this trend a really decadent look you might want to aim for. Reclaimed furniture, both wooden or metallic, can be great purchases; bought at a fraction of the cost of new pieces and easy to restore with a bit of paint, polish and time. Keeping your furniture simplistic will help work towards a room that is both stunning to be in and not too overcrowded, giving you plenty of opportunities to show off floral decor and prints.

If you aren’t too keen on using floral wallpaper, botanical graphic prints hung on the wall can be a great accessory to give your room that vital flowery touch. Many of these pieces can be tactile, adding an extra layer of texture to the space that will catch the eye. Fresh florals are a great accessory idea, but ensure the flowers chosen work with the look. Darker reds and pinks, such as roses, are great, bright white flowers like lillies might not always work.

The right sofa for your space

Choosing the right sofa for your space can be a little tricky with this look. Should it be muted and discreet, or should it work alongside the decor, blending and flowing with the overall floral patterns used in the space? Sofas like the Liberte, handcrafted in the UK, or the Maya are made from stunning deep pile velvet, available in both patterned body fabric, patterned scatters or both. These beautiful patterned fabrics work perfectly with the trend, adding a touch of vibrant, decadent colour to the space.

For a more muted sofa, why not try the Stamford, elegantly curvaceous, adding a touch of classical style into your room without introducing more patterns into the space. Regardless of the sofa choice, ensure it works with the style you’re looking to achieve, so the elements of the room complement each other, rather than contrast.

Introduce the Dark Floral trend with Sofology

Choosing to introduce this trend into your home might be slightly daunting at first – bold patterns can so easily be introduced to the space without clear planning and the room can become overbearing if it isn’t done properly. The best way to go about this trend is to choose elements you’re comfortable with, so you don’t end up making a room that’s unbearable to be in. Regardless of your approach, we’re sure you’ll achieve the Dark Floral theme in your home with little trouble.

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