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Katie Hayes

I’m the type of person who loves to walk into each room of our home and have it look and feel completely unique. I use different types of paneling and decor, as well as opposite colours and textures to make each room look and feel completely different. So, for the final room in our house that needed decorating, I knew that I wanted a calm, cosy family room – I wanted it light, fresh and offering a sense of tranquility every time I walked in.

The tones that I have chosen for this space are earthy, springtime shades. I wanted the central focus of the space to be about the sofa, and I found the solution with Sofology. We have a big family-sized corner sofa to enjoy cosy cuddles with our new daughter, Olive, and our pooch, Max, and we chose fabric upholstery, which is hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Our visit to Sofology Chester store

What I loved about the store we visited was that they had room sets designed to act as living areas with coffee tables, lamps and rugs, which made it easier to visualise our family living space with each sofa and the accessories around it. Two Sofologists, Craig & Peter, helped us choose our sofa and chair, and we even chose a footstool as well – it was an absolutely fantastic experience!

They couldn’t have been more helpful, as I am usually very fussy and I like placing different fabrics together – they moved items around the store to help me create my vision, used the measurements from our awkward garage conversion and created our living room layout with the items we loved. They went above and beyond so we could physically feel at home, and visualise our perfect new living room.

Choosing our new sofa

I was blown away by the diversity of Sofology’s new Winter Collection, and by the diversity of sofas I could browse in the store. They ranged from style-led sofas to family snugglers, from sofas designed for open plan living to sofas perfect for city apartments. I think we sat on every single sofa, so we felt bad when the staff had to clean each sofa after we saw them due to the Covid safety measures in the Sofology stores, but we couldn’t resist!

Wallace – Timeless classic

The Wallace chair caught my eye also because of its traditional design. I think when picking accent chairs, we tend to go for what’s on-trend at that time, which is great, but I really love the timeless aesthetic the Wallace chair provides – it’s a piece that would never go out of style. I especially loved the wide variety of fabrics available for this chair, from woven mix grey check, to luxurious velvet in a choice of stunning shades.


Pioneer – Sustainable style

For me, the Pioneer is the ideal sofa for a scandi style living space, as well as for families with pets or children, as the fabric is hard wearing. Balancing style and comfort, the Pioneer is Sofology’s first sustainable sofa, with every element sustainably sourced, from the fabric to the cushion fillings and wooden frame. It’s an amazing step that Sofology are making to minimise their impact on the environment.


Vento – One for the big screen

This is ideal for people who want a cinema room, as it is totally modular so it can be built specifically to fit your room, which helps you to maximise the use of the space available. We thought it was absolutely amazing that each modular section was available either as a recliner or as a static piece, meaning each seat (other than the corner pieces) could have a recliner function, something we’d never seen before! If we still had our cinema room this would be the sofa that I would pick.


Nest – The statement piece

As soon as I set eyes on the Nest, I was sold on it straight away! It’s totally on-trend, and the bouclé fabric feels like you’re relaxing on a teddy bear – this made me envision relaxing with my daughter on it whilst reading her bedtime stories, as it’s super soft and comforting. This is going to be my little seat where I have my coffee and enjoy some peace and quiet first thing in the morning before my crazy house wakes up!


Midsummer – Totally elegant

The Midsummer is a grand range, both in style and in scale. It’s got that feel of  expensive taste, and offers a wide range of sumptuous velvets available in beautiful jewel-like tones. My favourite is the royal blue velvet, as I feel that it would channel energy, optimism and calm into a home.


BoodlesThe showstopper

I can already tell that this range is definitely going to be one of the most popular ranges Sofology have released so far. It’s super classy with a contemporary, trendy twist, and it offers a VIP feel that’s super cosy and comfortable. The design is thoughtful and perfectly executed, oozing luxury – I envisioned having this sofa with a coffee table just in reach ( there’d be a glass of wine on it for me) right next to the sofa.


Make your choice

When choosing a sofa I always say it’s like choosing a pet, it needs to be part of the family. Why not take a look at Sofology’s new Winter Arrivals today, and find one that would be the right fit in your home – I’m seriously glad that we did!

Katie Hayes
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Katie Hayes is a prominent social media influencer and avid lover of interior design. From a young age, Katie has had a passion for developing her own interior looks and styles - she moved out and lived on her own at a young age, but has always managed to create unique, lovable and liveable spaces wherever she called her home. After establishing her social media channels last October, that focussed on interior design, her audience has grown to nearly 50,000 followers in just over a year.