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When it comes to interior design, inspiration can come from many sources – the world outside your window, styles you’ve seen on your travels or home ideas found on Instagram and Pinterest. But how about taking the vision for your next home makeover from the big screen? If you didn’t already know, we’ve been celebrating the launch of the brand new Addams Family movie, in cinemas now, and it’s had us dreaming up all kinds of Gothic Glam interiors.

Dark, but never dreary – Morticia Addams

Morticia was Goth-chic way before it was cool. This iconic character epitomises gothic glamour – she reeks of elegance, with a dark twist. Calm and collected, we imagine the Addams matriarch knows exactly what she wants, and her taste would be impeccable. 

Our Morticia themed room uses a palette of deep, rich berry tones – making it dark, but never dreary. Break up blocks of colour with heavy floral patterns, either in the shape of a large mural or set within individual panels on the wall. 

Lighting is key to creating an atmospheric look. Dress the windows with long, velvet drapes in black or dark florals to keep out that unbearable sunlight. A hanging chandelier will enhance the elegance of the room, but to keep things eerie, use lots of lamps and candles for a moody glow. 

The perfect sofa for the lady of the house? We think Morticia would pick the Liberte. Like Mrs Addams herself, this sofa is super sophisticated, with curves and angles in all the right places. Choose the pewter or rich plum velvet to set off the scheme of the room.

Curiously quirky – Gomez Addams

Incredibly charismatic, Gomez Addams undoubtedly has a very unique sense of style. Bolder, if not brighter, than his dream ghoul of a wife, we see Gomez as a curator of the weird and wonderful. He loves the unusual and we think his dream living room would be full of curiously quirky touches. 

Perfectly purple, our Gomez themed room uses a tonal palette of violet hues. Layer up similar shades of the same colour to build up depth. Try a feature wall in a striped pattern, much like the deep purple suit that the character sports in the new movie. 

The devil’s in the details, so we imagine Gomez surrounded by family photos – after all, he’s as mad about his wife and children as he is plain mad. Far from minimalist, clutter is key for this kind of style. Play around with shelving and adorn the mantelpiece with characterful collectibles – decorative accessories or perhaps even some taxidermy if you’re feeling brave. Add a touch of the debonair with a retro style bar cart, so the man of the house can relax in style with a glass of martini at the end of the day. 

Gomez’s sofa of choice? He’s a man of discerning tastes, so it has to be something classic and timeless – just like his lovely wife. We think Gomez would choose the Stamford sofa, upholstered in luxurious aubergine hued velvet.

Black is the new black – Wednesday Addams

Her parent’s little storm cloud, Wednesday Addams is far from a ray of sunshine – and that’s exactly her style. As smart as she is ruthless, this teenage nightmare surely knows her own mind. Her style would be fuss-free, choosing practicality and a seriously dark colour palette over unnecessary luxuries. 

Grey, grey, more grey and a splash of midnight black – that’s the base for our Wednesday inspired living room look. There’s no holding back with this dramatic style. Furnishings will be minimal, so deck the walls in cloudy grey hues and extend it all the way up to include the ceiling for a true stormy feel. 

The two things Wednesday cares most about are her pet octopus Socrates, and tormenting her brother Pugsley. We think she’d love to surround herself with accessories dedicated to her tentacled friend, and maybe even a dartboard so she can take some time perfecting target practice with photos of Pugsley. 

Whilst Wednesday might prefer to lurk, when she does want somewhere to sit down away from the madness of her family, we think she’d pick the Perle. Available in dark grey, it’ll blend seamlessly with the colourless colour scheme, and you can even choose black feet because – after all – black is the new black.

Menacing mayhem – Pugsley Addams

A true maverick, Wednesday’s little brother Pugsley is certainly an individual. A mixture of chaos and innovation, we’d describe his style (or lack of it) as menacing mayhem. He’s always scheming, so his space is dedicated to dreaming up his next awful adventure. 

Unlike his sister, Pugsley’s not afraid of a little colour – but don’t get carried away. Our Pugsley themed living room uses deep shades of navy blue and green, with accents of grey. Keep the walls plain, with solid blocks of colour, only broken up by the clutter of road signs and pin boards where he can plan his next (inevitably unsuccessful) scheme. 

This 10 year old is nothing if not industrious, so fill the space with shelves and bookcases, especially ones with dark metal frames. Tripod style spotlights dotted around will make sure he can shine a light on his next unsuspecting victim. 

Always on overdrive, Pugsley might not sit still for long, but when he does he’d choose the Cricket sofa. Covered in durable blue leather upholstery, it’ll withstand everything this chaotic kid can throw at it.

Eclectic and electric – Uncle Fester

We can’t forget about Uncle Fester. Gomez’s strange brother, he lights up every room he enters. Charged with electricity, we see his style as unpolished and uncomplicated – with an industrial feel. 

This character would want to keep things simple, so our Fester inspired room uses a natural hued colour palette, with stripped back concrete walls and exposed copper pipework. Bare floorboards and threadbare fabrics help Fester feel at home, but most important of all, however, is lighting. 

From hanging bulbs to standing lamps, Uncle Fester can put his unique talent to good use – he can light up a bulb simply by putting it in his mouth. 

When he wants to de-charge? We think Uncle Fester would like to curl up with his nephew and niece on the Tolouse sofa. Solid and simple, it fits perfectly with his personality, and the cappuccino coloured leather is a great choice for an industrial look.

The Addams Family – in cinemas now

Feeling inspired? Why not head to watch the brand new Addams Family movie, in cinemas now, and start planning your Addams themed home makeover?

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