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Ever since Yves Saint Laurent purchased his iconic Marrakesh villa in the 1960s, elaborate Moroccan looks have been synonymous with high fashion. We’re here to show you how to achieve the style at home on any budget.

Vibrant, exotic and wonderfully Mediterranean, Moroccan decor could transform your home into a laid-back haven. Whether you’ve been there on holiday or simply find mosaics alluring, it’s surprisingly easy to recreate the Saharan glow.

Patterns galore

Bohemian interiors continue to reign supreme, blending with newer trends such as urban gardening, which you can read about in our guide. High Bohemia has always been about taking inspiration from the patterns of distant lands, so Moroccan-style rugs have become lavish home décor staples.

Moroccan interiors are usually filled with colourful patterns, from bathroom mosaics to ornate carvings in wooden furniture.

This doesn’t mean you need to select a patterned sofa to complete a great Moroccan design, however. White sofas accessorised with vibrant scatter cushions work just as well. The Coco comes in a range of cream and ivory hues to suit a sun-kissed, hazy look – just set it against a vibrant wall to complete the effect.

Zellige is the definitive Moroccan tilework pattern. In its authentic form, this colourful ensemble is created with miniature tiles, but there are other options. Look out for Zellige splashbacks, linoleum and even wallpaper.


An informal take on furniture

The Moroccan living room is famously laid-back – Arabian-style floor sofas aren’t uncommon. If you’ve holidayed in Morocco, you may remember dining at low tables on a cushioned floor.

Of course, the home comforts of a quality sofa can’t be matched, but you can choose seating that fits the style. Moroccan chairs are typically low-lying like the Demure sofa. As a bonus, teal and turquoise hues work wonderfully with the aesthetic. Moroccan cushions look great on the sofa, but don’t be afraid to seat some on the floor.

The Moroccan look never takes itself too seriously, so upcycling wooden furniture in bright red or turquoise can be an affordable way to get the look.


A carefree colour scheme

Did we mention that Morocco is extremely carefree? It’s also lavish and experimental, taking influence from Africa, the Middle East and France. To replicate this unique feel, you’ll need to nail the colour scheme.

Antique gold is a must, as are warm, wooden hues. Beyond this, the opportunities are endless – try layers of deep crimson, indigo, yellow and teal. A red or teal sofa can provide a good base layer if you choose a rich colour scheme – take a look at the Stamford for a wide choice of exciting shades.

North African-inspired styles can be dressed up or toned down depending on whether you prefer to keep it neutral or make a statement.


The original pendant lighting

Pendant lamps have become a big trend for 2019, as they have made their way out of hipster coffee shops and into our homes. Popular above kitchen islands and coffee tables, these floating orbs can easily be absorbed into a Moroccan makeover.

Moroccan lamps are the original pendant fixtures – bejewelled, glistening and often hung in multi-layered bunches. To achieve the bazaar look, experiment with lamps in several colours.

Saharan statements

Whether it’s an octagonal coffee table, a gilded mirror or an intricately dyed leather pouffe, every Moroccan living room needs its centrepiece.

North African statement pieces might also include fine details – look out for traditional dining sets to impress your guests. In the bathroom, hand-woven baskets and faux candles can help to create a space for hammam-style relaxation. Bedrooms can be enhanced with metallic room dividers, while the lounge is a great place to experiment with decorative plates.

Hang a single piece of wall art or create a unique look by combining many hand-made items.

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