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From furry friends to those with shells, National Pet Month is a time to celebrate our beloved animal companions. Running on four legs from 1 April to 6 May, the month-long campaign is all about raising money for animals in need, applauding responsible pet ownership and just loving our pets.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the essential go-to guide your pet has been waiting for: how to pair your sofa to your pet. We’ve got all the UK’s favourite pets covered – from daft dogs to shimmering goldfish, the full pet shop – so read on and share the good news with your companion.

Dignified dogs, best paired with:
the Haversham

Few dogs carry themselves quite like a poodle. Dignified and calm (most of the time), those curly locks and that perfect posture command something equally elegant like the Haversham fabric sofa. It’s a timeless design that wouldn’t look out of place in a Parisian apartment, with a poodle standing guard.


Daft dogs, best paired with:
the Hetty

If you’ve got a dog with boundless energy – we’re looking at you, Border Collies and Beagles – then your sofa needs to have just as much character. The Hetty range is appropriately bright, bold and compact.


Short-haired cats, best paired with:
the Coco

Unless they’ve spotted a laser on the wall or want to wake you up, cats have a near-permanent air of nonchalance. Equally relaxed and refined, the Coco is perfect for sprawled-out lounging. Good luck getting there before the cat.


Long-haired cats, best paired with:
the Stamford

Long-haired cats demand something regal – something that’s stood the test of time. Cue, the Stamford. This Chesterfield-style leather sofa features button-finished diamond tufting and hand-nailed studs. It’s resolutely classy, and your long-haired cat wouldn’t expect anything less.


Guinea pigs, best paired with:
the Mazzini

Adorable, small and friendly, guinea pigs are sociable creatures. The Mazzini range has similar characteristics – go small with a two-seater sofa, or sociable with the huge three-seat-by-three-seat corner configuration.


Rabbits, best paired with:
the Bartelli

Few creatures have the chirpy, carefree bounce of rabbits. Such a springy animal needs an equally springy sofa. In the Bartelli, you’ll find a fully sprung base and back – with extra bounce from the foam and fibre-filled cushions.


Turtles, best paired with: the Pemberton

Turtles’ and tortoises’ party trick – or method of survival – is to be able to disappear into their shells. If you’re looking for some cosy seclusion, then wriggle your way into the cushions of a Pemberton corner sofa.


Horse, best paired with: the Belgrade

If dogs are man’s best friend, horses have surely earned their status as humankind’s second-in-command. Such a magnificent pet demands a magnificent sofa to match – even if the former will never sit on the latter. And for a pet that’s as elegant and timeless as a horse, few sofas fit the bill quite like the Belgrade.


Goldfish, best paired with:
the Farrow

There can only be one sofa for a bright orange goldfish: a bright orange Farrow sofa. Available in a soft, light tangerine-coloured leather, the Farrow is one of Sofology’s most fun and versatile sofas.


If you’re celebrating National Pet Month with your favourite four-legged companion, tag us in your best pet pictures on Instagram so we can swoon over their sweet, furry faces.

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