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No big bedroom is complete until it’s graced with fabulous seating. Even in cosier homes, sofa beds can transform bedrooms into multi-functional dens where you can escape from the world.

Gone are the days when bedrooms were just for sleeping – they can be studios, reading rooms and playrooms. This means it’s important to have somewhere to sit – whether it’s a fabric stool, a chair or something a little more adventurous.

The bedroom atmosphere is also the first thing you absorb in the morning and what you drift off to each night. Sofas offer another way to refine the texture and personality of your sacred chamber.

Statement reading chairs

Reading expands your mind, but living rooms and kitchens can buzz with distractions. Escape them all by creating your very own bedroom reading corner.

First, choose your favourite chair – make it comfortable enough to curl up on without compromising on style. The Finchley accent chair is the perfect fit, a modern take on the classic wingback. Place it by a distant window or find a cosy nook – all you need is one square metre for this compact model. Alternatively, choose the Fellini chair – the perfect spot to create your own little reading nest.

Accessorise with a footstool to help your imagination drift away, plus ladder bookshelves and a chic pendant reading light.

Benches and elegant chaises

Creating a luxurious lair is simple: all you need is a piece of old-world furniture to draw the eye. Think velvet chaise longues, an antique four-poster bed and windows draped with regal curtains.

Expand your imagination beyond the realm of chairs to include other forms of bedroom seating. Set a designer footstool in your favourite corner – we love the striped avocado rendition of the Anastasia and the rich colours available in fabric and leather.

The Perle footstool is a great way to accentuate your space since it looks like a fabric jewel on gilded legs. Another great way to introduce stylish bedroom seating is with a bench – the narrow footstool in the Cricket range slides gracefully beneath windowsills and comes upholstered in leather or velvet.

Snuggle-friendly sofa beds

Perfect for smaller homes, sofa beds provide the best of both worlds. By day, the room is whatever you want it to be – a music studio, games room or home office. But, fold out your secret furniture and it moonlights as a comfortable guest bedroom.

Miracle space-savers and great social centres, sofa beds can be stylish to boot. Choose a grey sofa bed like the Coco or Nimbus to maintain an airy and relaxing feel that can be accessorised in a number of ways.

Simply pair with primary colours and you have a playful space for children. Mirror with a gilded dressing table to curate a killer dressing room. Or, paste the walls with movie posters to furnish a stylish home cinema – the options are endless.

The Tolouse is more streamlined and style-focused than the typical recliner, so it can add grace to the most distinguished of bedrooms. Best of all, the two-seater will slide comfortably into a two-metre space. The Clarence comes in a chaise design and a power recliner – it’s the ultimate relaxation station.

Sculpt a social space

Once the day is done, there is comfort in knowing you have somewhere cosy and chic to retire to. Recreate that five-star hotel feel in your master bedroom with a pair of stylish chairs.

The indulgent Stamford Chesterfield chair is a great way to enhance your bedroom with drawing-room decorum. Pair the chairs so there’s room for two and set them in an airy bay window against crisp white walls. From morning coffee to evening wine, elegant home comforts make life better.

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