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Easter’s all about new life, finding time to relax, and spending time with your family. In this quick top-10 guide, we’ve picked out some of our favourite Easter ideas for some springtime fun.

So get your egg and spoon at the ready, it’s time for a bit of Easter inspiration.

1. Create a classic Easter egg hunt

We start with the classic egg hunt:

  • Choose a location – whether that’s your living room or the local park
  • Adults hide the eggs
  • Children find the eggs

To add some extra mystery, create riddle-like clues for each hiding place. You could also use card substitutes in case you forget to collect a chocolate egg or two from behind the sofa. If you’re in a public place, keep the chocolate out of the way of any animals, especially dogs.

2. Egg Painting

The practice of painting eggs in the springtime spans centuries – even millennia – and cultures. Nonetheless, it’s now a tradition associated with Easter.

First, hollow out the eggs by using a large needle to create a hole at each end and break the yolk inside. Then, blow out the white and yolk with a straw, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.

Place your oval canvas in an egg cup and then let your imagination run free with bright paints. Just make sure you lay down old blankets or newspaper to protect furniture and carpets from artistic tots.

3. An egg and spoon extravaganza

The egg and spoon race is a national tradition. Set up some circuits in the garden, grab those spoons and balance those eggs – we suggest hard-boiled.

Remember to enforce a strict one-hand-behind-the-back rule to discourage foul play –
or should that be fowl play?

4. Plant flowers

With nature taking care of the blooming bluebells, a family gardening session is a great way to ensure your garden sprouts vivaciously in summer, while teaching the little ones all about nature at the same time.

For some delayed gratification, plant summer-flowering bulbs, like lilies and begonias. Just make sure the threat of frost has passed before you start flexing those green fingers.

5. Easter-themed science experiments

A really easy experiment to do with youngsters is dying eggs.

Put an egg (in its shell) in a bowl and surround it with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), add a couple of drops of food colouring, and then some white vinegar. The moment the vinegar hits the powder, it’ll bubble, fizz and foam, and you’ll be left with some brightly coloured eggs. And they’re still edible!

6. Visit a local farm

See new-born lambs, calves, chicks and piglets at family-friendly farms. Many farms have on-site play areas, educational tours and places to pet the animals. Some have a wider variety of animals, too, such as alpacas.

7. Learn to weave a basket

A great activity for children and adults alike, learning how to weave a basket will help you get creative and make something with practical value. You’ll be able to store all your chocolate eggs for the weekend, then use your basket later for clutter-busting storage or as a garden planter.

8. Bonnet crafting and face painting

April was once a time to adorn yourself in new clothes – and the Easter bonnet is an old favourite. Today, straw bonnets are fun to accessorise for young and old alike.Start with a plain bonnet, then use ribbons, felt and coloured paper to help your imagination run wild. Pair with a bunny-themed face-painting contest to enjoy an outrageously colourful Easter.

9. Take a nature walk

One of the best ways to appreciate the glow of spring is to get out into nature. You can show your little ones flowering bluebells in the woods, tadpoles in the local pond or watch rabbits bobbing through the fields.

Dawn is often the best time to see British nature in full force – you might hear birdsong or see buzzing bees setting off for the day.

10. Try egg rolling

If you’ve hosted more egg hunts than you can count and want to try something unique, egg rolling is a fantastic alternative. The practice dates back hundreds of years and has always been about creating fun for children.

In the past, chicken eggs were wrapped in onion skins and boiled for a marble-like appearance. Today, painted or chocolate eggs work just as well – simply pick a hill and perfect your technique. The owner of the furthest-rolling intact egg gets all the glory.

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