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There’s nothing quite like curling up on the sofa with a good book; getting lost in another world, igniting your imagination and forgetting daily life, even for just a few hours. But to truly immerse yourself in your favourite novel, you need a relaxing setting to lose yourself in. Transform an unused space in your home into a beautiful library to read in, give your dusty books a little TLC and dedicate an entire room to your love for stories.

Use our tips below to get inspired and take your passion for books to the next level by crafting a cosy reading retreat in your home. Snuggle up under a blanket and pour a fresh cup of coffee – it’s time to unwind.

The colour

A home library is more than just a space to store your books – it’s a place where the real world slips away, replaced by one born in the imagination. To create an idyllic reading spot, you need to think about your colour scheme and the emotions you would like to evoke in the room.

Fans of modern design should plump for a bright and airy vibe, with plenty of light filtering through so you can read with ease. Muted white and grey tones can create a streamlined, uncluttered look and make the colours of your book collection stand out.

For a reading room with a more vintage feel, add a vivid splash of colour to your walls. Think deep emerald green, inky midnight blue or rich plum hues. Use glimmering gold for your accents and you’ll have a vibrant reading room reminiscent of retro glamour.

The storage

Book worms, rejoice. Curating a treasured collection of books over the years means you’ve got plenty of stories with which to fill a room. Display them in all their glory, with row upon row of spines on show – then you can wander along, running your fingers over your favourites as you recall the many fantastic tales waiting to fall off their pages.

Deck your walls with floor to ceiling shelves to stack your books on. Organise your collection alphabetically, by genre or even by the colour of their covers. Neatly-arranged bookcases can also do the trick. Choose one that towers high or select one that’s at hip height if you want to do more with your space.

Finished one book and just can’t wait to start another? You can pick up your next read without even leaving the comfort of your sofa with our stylish Cedar. This multifunctional piece of furniture is the ideal fit for cosier spaces, incorporating a bookshelf into the sofa design.

The little things

Pop a reading lamp onto a side table for extra light when the nights draw in, or use accent lighting to illuminate your book shelves and put the spotlight on your favourite reads. Hang up literary-inspired artwork to continue the theme of your reading room and add a soft plush rug to create a different level of texture.

Finish off the look with a library ladder. Not only practical for helping you reach books perched on the top shelf, it’s a dreamy accessory for a home library, like something plucked straight out of Beauty and the Beast.

The sofa

Pull the whole look together with a squishy sofa, perfect for snuggling up with the next book on your reading list. Choose one that’ll fit naturally with the style of your space, whether you’ve gone for a contemporary look or a retro vibe. Sink into the incredibly comfy Stamford, one of our best sofas for reading. This Chesterfield-style sofa slots seamlessly into a vintage-themed room, with sweeping scroll arms and luxurious velvet cushions.

Say hello to your new favourite space. With a reading room, you can enjoy your best books in a place that’s both comfortable and personal to you.

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