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Be the host with the most by creating your very own bar at home. Whether you want to impress the Joneses or take the party back to your place, there’s a style for every space.

Few things are quite as cool as having your very own bar – it could be in an attic, basement, shed or even under the stairs. Small spaces are no problem as long as you have a big imagination.

Once your bar is complete, dinner parties and summer barbecues will never be the same. You’ll have a special place to relax with great company and sophisticated homemade drinks.

Cocktail bar

Presenting house guests with their very own espresso Martini – shaken not stirred, of course – is a sure way to create a lasting impression. This type of bar is chic, cosmopolitan and it means business. If you love to entertain and you live and breathe glamour, this is the design for you.

The first step is to choose the infrastructure. You might decide to invest in a permanent island counter, but retro drink trolleys work just as well. Create Great Gatsby-era class by sprinkling golden touches throughout the space – but keep it current with modern takes on classic looks. The sleek and metallic Anastasia is perfect for this.

You’ll need plenty of glitzy shelving to showcase those cocktail mixers, crystal glass highballs and, of course, somewhere to store all the ice.


Local country pub

This theme is great for nostalgia lovers who prefer to keep it quaint and understated. With real ales and Somerset ciders on tap, you’ll create that ‘local’ feel in your own living room.

Barrels are your friends here, as are counter-top taps dispensing your favourite brews. Build the bar beside a homely log-burning fire and create a social area complete with wooden stools and a Chesterfield-style Stamford sofa.

Get the decor right by using dimmed yellow lighting for the feeling of warmth. Choose dark colours or exposed brick for the walls, then decorate with framed photos of animals – these might be wild horses or even the family dogs. You could upcycle used spirit bottles into lamps or candles for an affordable way to complete the look.


Wine bar

Refined and wonderfully continental, the wine bar is endlessly elegant. Here, you can let your collection of grand cru vintages do all the talking with a decorative wine rack stretching to the ceiling.

Bring the look up to date by choosing an eclectic collection of feature lights – think oversized hanging bulbs to fill the room with a golden glow. You could even use a rustic oak barrel as a table then pair with the curved Perle loveseat.

Complete the warm, cinematic look by papering walls with retro French adverts for added je ne sais quoi.


Retro club

Ideal for getting one’s groove on, this style is perfect if you love bright colours and ‘80s music. You’ll need purple, orange and green tiles for the flooring and, of course, a glittering disco ball.

Music is half of the appeal with this type of bar, so dust off your sound system and create a playlist with all the classics. You can’t dance all night, though, so sprawl an apple-green Hexton along the far wall so you can take the weight off those dancing feet. Accessorise with glowing neon cushions to create a cosy and stylish place to relax after the party.

Framed vinyl records make great statement pieces for the disco look, especially when paired with bright strobe lights.


Beach bar

Is your favourite room the great outdoors? Do you dream of sun-kissed locations? Bring the magic home by creating a tiki bar. This is a great place to chill out beneath the sun in your own little tropical haven.

Line the counter with bamboo coverings and place Caribbean rum permanently on the drinks menu. Pair with palm trees – some varieties will thrive in the British summer. Create a straw beach hut roof and use a traditional lifebuoy to bring echoes of the seaside inland.

For seating, you could try an outdoor sofa – but truly, this is hammock territory. Sit back, relax and let the good times begin.

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