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No gym? No problem. A lack of equipment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great workout from the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together a video in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Moorhouse so you can enjoy the only sofa workout you’ll ever need. Put on your gym clothes, clear some space around the sofa and spend time staying fit and healthy from a sofa you love.

Push ups

10-12 reps, working your pectoralis major (pecs), your triceps and your core

Glute bridge

10-12 reps per leg, working your glutes and quads

Core twist

10-12 reps, working your core muscles

Tricep dip

10-12 reps, working your triceps

Mountain climber

10-12 reps

Burpees to finish

And relax

Follow this workout routine as often as you like during the week, making sure you give your muscles enough time to recover. Who said you can’t stay healthy on the sofa?

Check out the video below

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