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Struggling to keep the kids busy? With boundless energy and nowhere to run it off, tiring the children out can be tricky. We’ve put together some really easy exercises you can do with the kids as you #StayOnYourSofa. What better time than now to get your kids into staying active and healthy?

Getting active

Before you start, you and the kids should stretch out your muscles and get ready for doing some exercise – we’d recommend clearing some space around the sofa to give you more room to move around.

Cushion throw

A simple, fun and quick way to start your workout, throw a scatter cushion in the air and jump up from a seated position on the sofa – this will help to increase your heart rate, ready for more intensive exercises.

Cushion throwing
Playing tag

Play a game of tag

Tag, but with a twist. Stand up from the sofa and move your hands within the space around the kids, encouraging them to stretch and move as quickly as possible to tap your hand before you move it. This will keep their heart rate high and help with agility and flexibility.

Cushion boxing

Use one of your scatter cushions as a mini-punch bag and have the kids alternate from right, left and both hands punching the cushion. Technique doesn’t have to be perfect here, as long as they’re moving their arms and working their muscles. Mix it up by raising the cushion high or moving it low.

Cushion boxing
Jump squats

Get competitive

Set your kids the task of doing a squat jump as high and as far as they can. Make it a friendly competition to see who can go the furthest. This will help work leg muscles and the core as your kids try to keep their balance when they jump across the room.

Workout the arm muscles

Use the sofa for support and do tricep dips to work the upper body. Shuffle forwards off the edge of your seat and slowly lower yourself down and then back up to the level of the cushion, encouraging the kids to copy what you do so they know how.

Tricep dips

And relax…

Encourage the kids to do as many reps/ exercises as you can before falling back onto the sofa and relaxing – they’ve earned it! Check out our video below to see each exercise in motion.

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