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Begin your yoga journey with some simple stretches as you relax on your sofa. Helping to increase flexibility, strengthen your muscles and improve your mental wellbeing, the benefits of yoga are numerous, keeping you energised as you #StayOnYourSofa.

In collaboration with Madeleine Penfold, we’ve put together some easy yoga exercises you can do in your living room. Clear some space around the sofa and get ready to begin.

Yoga stretches

Start with spinal exercises and cat/cow movements – working on your laptop or sitting in front of the TV can make your back feel stiff and painful over time, so it’s important to mobilise your spine and the muscles in your torso to keep your body loose and relaxed.

Move the exercises into twists, working your torso muscles. Change your position on the sofa and move into stretching your hips, opening your joints and relieving aches from the day.

Finish with core exercises, raising your legs above the sofa cushions and extending them back and forward. Aim to do 10, 20 or 50 – however many you can manage. Bring your heart rate down and finish with a restorative pose by lying with your back on the floor and your legs on the sofa cushions.

Ensure you regulate your breathing as you do these exercises, inhaling and exhaling with every movement. Take your time with each stretch, and do as many or as few as you want. Check out our video below to see Madeleine in action.

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