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On Thursday 7th March 2019, schools up and down the country will host a fancy dress day in celebration of World Book Day. Set up to encourage a love of reading, and with a mission to make sure every child across the country has a book of their own, the small but mighty World Book Day charity uses this one day a year to offer a selection of books for children and young people for just £1.

Whilst the day is more about nurturing a love of literature than costumes, encouraging children to dress up is designed to help bring their favourite book characters to life.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve put together 5 simple ideas for your children’s World Book Day costumes this year.

Practically Perfect Mary Poppins

Sure to be a popular choice for 2019 thanks to last year’s release of Mary Poppins Returns, this classic book character can be brought to life with a few simple touches.

Replicating Mary is all in the accessories. Pair a plain white blouse with an ankle length navy blue skirt, tights and black boots. Once the basic outfit is perfected, the magic comes from adding a red bow tie, umbrella and topping the look with a hat decorated with a flower. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious costume, sorted.

Simply Magical Harry Potter

Since publication of the first book in 1997, children have looked to the wonderful world of wizardry that is Harry Potter for costume inspiration. Whilst there are many characters within the pages who would be fun to recreate, Harry’s look is the most iconic, and arguably the easiest to replicate.

Start with a simple black robe, whether bought or fashioned at home from surplus material or another garment. This goes over a white shirt, ideally with a burgundy and yellow scarf to add that Gryffindor touch.

Add a wand, distinctive circular framed glasses, and the all-important lightning shaped scar in the middle of the forehead.

Once the costume is complete, your little one is sure to feel like they’re headed to Hogwarts for the day.

Has Anyone Seen…Where’s Wally?

Easily one of the simplest and most effective costumes, Where’s Wally is a fun choice for any child – and super budget friendly for the parents. Popular across all ages and genders, this costume is a great last-minute lifesaver if you’ve forgotten all about World Book Day.

The base of the costume only requires a pair of jeans and a bold red and white striped t-shirt. To complete the look, add some lense-free black rimmed glasses and a red beanie hat. For a more authentic look, you can try get your hands on a red and white striped hat, with a pom pom – but this character is so recognisable, the costume will work either way. Once your little one is all dressed up, they’re sure to be easy to spot in the school crowd.

What A Great Costume You Have, Little Red Riding Hood.

Add a little fairytale magic to World Book Day with this cute costume idea. You can make this look as simple or as intricate as you like, depending on whether you want to invest in an actual Little Red Riding Hood costume, or create the outfit yourself at home.

If you’re feeling creative, pair a simple dress (black or white works well) with the traditional red hooded cloak that gives this character her name.  

Add knee high white socks and some plain black school shoes. As a finishing touch, a little wicker picnic basket will complete the look. A costume that’s sure to scare away the big bad wolf!

Watch Out, Gangsta Granny’s About

David Walliams’ hugely popular books have captured the imagination of children thanks to their humour and intrigue. If your little one is a big Walliams fan, they’ll love taking on the style of Gangsta Granny for a day.

Recreate the look of the notorious jewel thief with a simple long skirt, cardigan and tights. You’ll need a curly grey wig if you want to achieve maximum Granny effect with your costume. The black eye mask and a swag bag are easy to make at home if you have some plain black fabric to work with. Let your miniature Gangsta Granny out on the loose for a World Book Day they’ll love.

Celebrate World Book Day on a Sofa You Love

With the costumes all sorted there’s only one thing left to do. Dig out all the kids’ favourite books and curl up together on the sofa to enjoy some peaceful story time.

Want to learn more about World Book Day? There’s lots more information over on their website, including ideas for other family activities to celebrate. Not sure which sofa would be perfect for story time? Find lots of inspiration over on Instagram.

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