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More than four million people across the UK now live in a rented property. Whether it’s because they can’t afford to buy, are saving up for a mortgage deposit, or are choosing to rent for convenience, it can be hard to feel like you’re truly at home when you’re living in someone else’s house. But if you’re going to be living somewhere for a longer period of time, it’s absolutely paramount to your happiness that you do feel like a place is your own, and it’s not too difficult to achieve. Let us help you with our guide to making a rental property feel like home.

Bring in a sofa you love

Rented properties traditionally come packaged with their own fixtures and fittings, provided by the landlord. But as more people choose to rent and tenancies get longer, landlords are more open to letting unfurnished homes. This can allow you to put your own stamp on your new surroundings, so you can feel at home on a sofa you love. From fabric to leather, natural hues to statement shades, and corners to recliners, the possibilities are endless. Take the time to find your perfect sofa and get that sense of home comfort we all seek after a long day at work by coming home to your own furniture in your rented property.

Redecorate your home

Your sofa might give you that feeling of comfort while you curl up in front of your favourite Netflix boxset, but if you really want to make it feel like home, you’re going to want to give your living room its own twist to match your new furniture. If your tenancy agreement allows, don’t be afraid to be bold; pick out the colours that match your personality, get your new carpet ordered and create your ideal living room to really make it feel like your own.

Use colourful rugs

In the majority of rented homes, landlords like to use laminate flooring. It’s hardwearing, easy to keep clean and less likely to suffer damage. If this is the case in your house, it’s not the end of the road in terms of jazzing the place up. Rugs can be your best friend in these cases, so choose bold colours and patterns that lift the room and give it a splash of colour so you feel like you’ve walked into your own home at the end of a long day.

Get creative with storage space

One of the biggest problems people come across when they’re renting a home centres around space. Storage is often not that well thought out by landlords, so you can end up moving in somewhere that you later find doesn’t have enough space for everything you’ve collected over the years. When your house is cluttered, it won’t feel like home, so get creative. If there’s no space for wardrobes, see if you can install some temporary shelves around the living room. Not only will this make the place feel less cluttered, you’ll also be able to show off your books, ornaments and any other belongings, making the place feel even more like home.

Art and wall hangings

Blank, featureless walls are a sure sign that you haven’t quite made the place your own just yet. Give your home a splash of your own personality with paintings, posters and pictures that you love to look at. It’s extremely easy to do, and even if you’re not allowed to put hooks into the wall, you can use adhesive strips to effortlessly give your rooms a new twist.

Upcycle and buy second hand

It can, of course, be an expensive endeavour to redecorate a home. This is particularly problematic for younger tenants. But remember, the internet is your friend. Second-hand sites like Gumtree and eBay are great places to look for little additions to your home that can make all the difference to how it feels. Whether it’s a new table, a print for the wall or a bookshelf, it doesn’t need to cost the earth to make your rental house a home. Just put in the time and have a search online to find some fantastic items at low prices.

Ask your landlord

And finally, one of the biggest roadblocks to making yourself feel at home in a rented property can be the landlord. Many people are afraid to ask the landlord if they are allowed to make changes, especially if it’s not specified in the tenancy agreement. But it can make all the difference between feeling at home and feeling like you live in someone else’s. Go to your landlord with a plan of what you intend to do, and don’t be afraid to ask. After all, you want to feel as comfortable as you possibly can at home.

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