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Interior design trends seem to change with the wind, coming and going in the blink of an eye. But over the past decade we’ve seen one of the most interesting twists taking place, with a switch, from muted, understated styles to colour pops, as we dare to go bolder, brighter and bigger.

After years of being ‘out of fashion’, patterns are also becoming more stylish and a real trend of choice for those brave enough to embrace bold style. We’re once again turning to colour and becoming more adventurous in our decor and design tastes, choosing styles that add a unique flavour to our rooms. While there will always be a place for toned-down, neutral colours, we’re increasingly happy to get creative and give our imagination a bit of freedom when we style our homes – and the living room is an ideal place to start.

From wallpapers with bold and striking designs to fabric sofas with a cool print, patterns can help you to create a truly stand out living room. Here are three simple steps to help you bring this look into your home.

Bold statement walls

Statement walls really pop and – by design – make a statement. Sometimes also called feature walls, this is a design trend that’s as dramatic and effective as it is simple to introduce. If you’re looking for a quick makeover in your living room rather than a complete redecoration, this is a good trick. Keep three walls in a plain colour – you might be happy with the existing look – and then turn the fourth into something more eye-catching. Paint it a punchy colour or dress it with wallpaper in a funky pattern. Abstract print wallpaper, bold geometric designs, intricate landscapes, murals – there really are no limits and the wall design doesn’t have to tie in with anything else in the space. It’s guaranteed to capture the attention of whoever walks into the room and become a real focal point.

A match made in heaven

Coupling a patterned sofa with your walls can make for a striking interior design. Of all the furniture in your living room, the sofa is key, the largest and most important. The best sofas are those that are the focal point of the room, immediately catching the eye. So, you won’t want to have an uninspiring sofa in a room that wants to make a statement. Set the tone with a chic patterned sofa. You’ll love our Etienne range, handcrafted from sumptuous Italian velvet, that feels incredible to relax against. It comes in an intricate floral pattern and a choice of colour options that will help you find the perfect style to complement your room.

For a lighter, more subtle pattern, check out the Rippon Natural from our Bella range – delicate detail hints at echoes of the English countryside. If you’re looking for something a little larger, such as a corner sofa, the Savannah’s animal print design pushes bold to the max, shouting flamboyant.

Mix it up

Of course, the beauty of this new wave of interior design trend is that patterns don’t necessarily need to match. You don’t have to follow a pattern and plain template – be brave, take a risk and choose patterns that clash. Choose one style that works for your walls and another for your sofa to create a mish-mash of patterns that really shows off your personality. How about a tartan-check feature wall, with a sofa or armchair in a tartan of a different colour? Daring, but brave and unique. Or, a leather corner sofa in a striking red, splendidly set against the backdrop of a wallpapered wall depicting lush foliage, leaves and trees? There’s a colour clash there, of course, but it can work brilliantly, letting both really pop. Clashing colours is a genuine design trend in itself find more inspiration about how to introduce it to your home here.

If you’re about to embark on a revamp of your living room, don’t be afraid to step away from minimal and go all-out when it comes to fabrics, patterns and colours. There’s more design inspiration here.

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