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From afternoon snoozing and boxset binges to relaxing and catching up with loved ones, finding your dream sofa is the key to being able to enjoy the little things in life at home. Big plump cushions make it a welcoming, relaxing place after a long day, while soft, comfy material makes your sofa the perfect spot for all the family to gather round for a catch-up. Buying your dream sofa is one thing, but choosing the perfect sofa position for your living room afterwards is a challenge in its own right.

Whether you’re a TV fanatic, a book lover or simply enjoy sitting around with friends to have a catch up, sofa position will have a big impact on your living space and how you make the most of it. Whether you’ve found the perfect corner sofa or a luscious leather sofa, for ideas on where to position it for the perfect living room vibe, take a look at some of our top tips.

The shape of your room

The best sofa for your living room will depend on the shape of your space. For example, long, narrow rooms can be brought to life with corner sofas or two and three-seaters which have been pulled away from the wall. For a classic touch, the Ashford corner sofa is made from woven materials which add a feeling of texture to the room. The plump cushions and cosy corner can help stop the feeling of straight lines and narrowness in such a space, while providing maximum comfort for lazy days in-front of the TV.

The Milton adds a plush feeling to a longer room, with high-set wooden feet that help create the illusion of more space. This small sofa can also help to add width without compromising on quality and comfort. By choosing one of these styles and playing with the perfect sofa position you can break up that feeling of being stood in a bowling alley.


Larger or more square rooms can carry off most styles. A big corner sofa with accompanying footstool can fill the space and provide the perfect place to sink back and relax after a long day. For a twist on the classic corner style, the Fairmont is a rounded corner piece and can look incredible when placed as the focal point in any large room.


Welcoming guests

If your home is the go-to place for family parties and meetups with friends, you’ll want to position your sofa so the room feels open and welcoming to your visitors.

It’s important to keep your sofa out of the way of the door so you’re not blocking the entry or closing off the space for anyone entering the room. Consider whether you’re going to install a coffee table or any other key pieces of furniture, as making these decisions can help when it comes to envisioning how to lay out a living room.

You’ll also need to think about positioning your sofa so you’re perfectly placed to have a catch-up over a brew.

Enjoying some TV time

If you love nothing more than snuggling up with the family in front of a good film or kicking back on an autumn evening with a boxset, you’ll want to place your sofa in the best possible viewing position. Set up your sofa away from the glare of the outside world, but still make sure it’s perfectly placed so you get a good view of the TV from every angle. Whether you’re planning to have your TV in the corner of the room or taking centre-stage, it’s worth drawing up a plan on how to lay everything out. If you’ve not yet bought your sofa and are struggling to decide what style to get, designing a layout may help you make your decision that little bit easier.

Curling up with a good book

If you love nothing more than getting lost in the pages of a book, you’ll need to think about placing your sofa near a good light source. Floor lamps and side table lighting can add the instant glow you need to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, while also adding to the aesthetics of your space.

Sofa care

When deciding on the layout of your living room, you’ll need to keep how to care for a sofa in mind. Making sure it sits far enough away from doors will mean it doesn’t get hit if someone comes into the room too fast, while keeping it away from windows or any other sources of natural light is important to help reduce the risk of the colour fading. Make sure your sofa is arranged with access to a nearby side table so you’re less likely to balance a cup of tea on your lap – which could result in a spillage. It’s also worth making sure you sit on different parts of your sofa to reduce one side being worn down faster than the other. Deciding on the perfect sofa position is important and can bring together the whole look of your room. Find the right sofa to fit your space with Sofology.

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