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Christmas is all about enjoying quality time with family and friends. From putting up the decorations to enjoying Christmas dinner with your loved ones, it’s the perfect time to spend making memories. This year, why not be different and make something that will give your home a unique look.

We’ve put together a series of handy ‘how to’ guides for you to use this Christmas, so switch off the TV, get cosy on the sofa and learn how to make your very own minimalist wreath below.

What you’ll need

Our wreath design is really simple, which means you won’t need much to make yours look great. You’ll need:

+ 1 metal circular ring (can be bought at most florists or craft supply shops)
+ Floristry wire
+ Wire-sharp scissors
+ A selection of winter foliage

Step 1

Start by selecting your foliage for the wreath. Head into the garden to find fresh cuttings or use artificial pieces if you want to reuse your wreath.

Step 2

Once you’ve found the right shades, shapes and sizes, tie a bundle of the foliage together tightly at the base with floristry wire.

Step 3

Trim the excess off the stems and attach the bundle to the wire ring by binding it using the floristry wire – you want the stems short so they sit as close to the wire ring as possible.

Step 4

Make another bundle of foliage and lay the sprigs across the base of the first bundle (this will help to hide the stems and ends) then secure the second bundle to the metal ring with floristry wire.

Step 5

Continue with this method around the circular ring until you think it looks good – although we’ve gone for the minimalist look, you can cover the full circle if you prefer.

Step 6

If there are any loose pieces of wire showing, try to trim these down and, if needed, cover with some spare pieces of foliage to complete the look.

Step 7

To secure the wreath onto your wall or door, use decorative twine or ribbon on the top of the wire ring.

Need a little help? Check out our video below to see the wreath being made.

Family time

You don’t need to stop at making your own wreaths. You can turn your living room into a completely unique space by making more of your own decorations. Get the whole family involved and enjoy some creative time together.

You could use any excess foliage to make a stunning tree topper or a flowery festive accessory for your mantlepiece. The most important part is enjoying quality time with the family making something special together and, if you can make your living room look beautiful at the same time, it’ll make Christmas that much more magical.

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