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There’s more to movie night than a movie. Although the latest addition to your Netflix watchlist will be the focal point of your evening, there’s far more to consider to make your movie night perfect. From your snacks to the sofa you’ll relax on, it’s important to set the scene just right to make sure you get the most out of your night in.
Here’s our guide to creating the perfect movie night:

The perfect sofa for your movie night

We all have different kinds of movies we love to watch. From horror to rom-com, thriller to crime drama, no two people will enjoy the same films in the same way. But there’s one thing we all have in common – that desire to be comfortable. To sink into a sofa you love as the MGM lion roars or the 20th Century Fox trumpets blare is to know that you’re going to have a cosy, relaxing night of entertainment.

Getting the sofa right for your movie night is almost as important as picking the film itself. Choose the perfect furnishings for your home cinema and you’ll make even the most mediocre flicks feel like blockbuster epics.

For the ultimate in movie night comfort, choose our Autograph range, perfect for cuddling up with your other half for a cosy evening. Dim the lights and snuggle up on this amazingly comfortable, deep seated sofa. It’s got Encore foam seats, topped with super soft fibre that you’ll never want to leave, even when the movie is over. If you happen to be watching a particularly scary horror movie, grab the feather filled scatters – perfect to hide behind.

Why stop with just one movie per night?. Movie marathons are a fantastic way to while away the weekend with a series you love. Back to The Future, Star Wars, The Hunger Games – whatever your choice of franchise, is there a better way to enjoy them than back to back?

For this sort of movie night, you’re going to need a sofa that’s up to the task. Spacious and luxurious, the Laurence is a power recliner just made for those longer sessions in front of the big screen. The power headrests and recliner seats can be adjusted independently to find your perfect position, so no matter how far you want to lay back, you’ll always get a great view of the TV. Relax into the warm, quilted, natural leather, and if your phone decides to give up the ghost before you do, you won’t even need to move – just recharge with the handy USB port on the side of the sofa.

Late at night is one of the best times to curl up with a movie, letting you close the curtains, shut out the world and lose yourself in the action on screen. If this sounds like your sort of night, you’re going to want a sofa that’s all about relaxation. Start your film, get your blanket and snuggle into the Majestic corner sofa. Unbelievably comfortable, the matching footstool can even be added to turn the corner into a double bed – perfect if your movie buddy always falls asleep in the middle of the film. With extra room to spread out you’ll be sure to enjoy that movie in blissful relaxation.

If you like your movies with a touch of sophistication, set your living room up to reflect your tastes with the Cristiana. Elegantly curvaceous, the woven glitter yarn of the upholstery makes the Cristiana a dramatic statement piece for your living room, giving it that touch of class you need when immersing yourself in Hollywood’s Golden Age classics.

Choosing the perfect film

Netflix and Amazon Video’s seemingly endless supply of movies to choose from can leave you spoiled for choice. Many a movie night has been pushed back as couples scroll endlessly through the apps, failing to settle on a final decision.

If you want to try to stamp this out before you get caught in the endless loop of film choices why not take turns picking the film? Or play a game of high stakes rock, paper, scissors, with the winner getting final film choice. Of course, it’s important to consider everyone’s tastes when picking a movie. You can have the perfect movie night set up, but if you’re a rom-com fan stuck watching the latest Fast and Furious iteration, you won’t be making the most of your night.

Snacks and treats

Whether it’s a bag of popcorn that you can dip into throughout, a pizza to share or a big tub of ice cream for when the sad parts kick in, your choice in snacks can make or break your film night. Make sure you’re well stocked up in advance so you don’t leave yourself empty handed mid-movie.

If you’re indulging in a marathon of films, you might even want to plan in snacks for the breaks between movies. Make sure you time your cooking to coincide with the credits rolling, though. You don’t want to interrupt the flow of everyone’s favourite franchise.

The perfect movie night is about more than choosing a film. Make sure you’re all set for a cosy, fun-filled night in. Shop corners and recliners with Sofology.

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