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The very nature of trends means they are forever coming into and out of fashion. Whether it’s luxe velvet, metallic hues or exotic prints, each generation puts their own twist on things to ensure designs continue to evolve and remain relevant.

Throughout the ages, fashion trends have continually sashayed off the catwalk and spilled over into the interior design world. This has helped to shape the styles of our sofas and inspired the colours, patterns and fabrics we love to use. If you’re in the process of updating your living room how much should you let trends sway your choices?

Staying on trend

Most people tend to refresh the look of their homes every seven to ten years. Our own research shows that many hang on to their sofas for around five to seven years. And while trends will no doubt change during this time, often popular looks are updates or reinterpretations of previous trends. Historically, fashion, art and design have always borrowed trends from one other and that can make for some really interesting crossovers.

Decorating your home is a form of expression, so how many trends you take on board is entirely up to you. If you adore a particular type of design or have a favourite shade, ultimately, you’re the one who will live with – and hopefully love – how it looks, every day.

Top trends and how to style them

Wondering which trends would work best for you? Let’s take a look at some of the looks making waves in the interior design industry and find the best ones to suit your taste.


The bohemian trend is frequently revisited and reinterpreted, but in every guise it combines textures, colours and patterns for a layered laidback look. If you’re a fan of crafting or collecting objects on your travels, a bohemian living room is a great way to showcase your treasures. Start with a statement sofa, such as the plush Liberte


New neutrals

Neutrals epitomise the phrase ‘less is more’, helping you style a space with a subtle palette. Traditionally, when searching for a neutral colour, you might stick with a cream shade, such as the ever-popular magnolia. However, there’s a wide spectrum of neutral hues to experiment with that are anything but boring.

Try a gorgeous dove grey, stylish sage, or duck egg blue, as seen on our Osca. It looks amazing in fresh, crisp spaces teamed with cushions in interesting prints or in accent colours.

Green tropics

Inspired by the 70s, the design world’s love for exotic palm leaves, kitsch motifs, such as flamingos and pineapples, and vivid shades of green, is a trend that crosses over into interiors.

You can tap into the trend by choosing a sofa in a striking leaf print, such as the Etienne in a Tarva Midnight Mix. Or channel the look with this fabulous Cricket in Lavish Teal Mix. Accessorising with a collection of houseplants is an absolute must to finish off the tropical look of your room in style.

Elegant country

Capture the quintessential English cottage look with a blend of pretty florals, quaint patterns and feminine pastels. This will help create an elegant country home and a romantic look and feel. Chintz detailing has well and truly made a comeback and fits perfectly with this theme. Take a look at our Rippon Natural Bella sofa for a tasteful take on the trend.


Vintage chic

From the dark dramatic hues of the Victorian era to the glamorous touches of the 1920s, throw it back to your favourite era and inject a dose of vintage styling into your home.

If you love an old-school classic, our classic-inspired Valentino sofa looks perfect in a period living room with wooden floors and vintage touches. It’s the ideal way to make a timeless statement.

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