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The best sofa can bring any living room to life. Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply looking to revitalise your living room with a new design, getting the colour scheme perfect and bringing your personality into the room will make you feel relaxed and at home every time you walk through the door.

All of this starts with the perfect sofa. Whether you want luxurious leather or a soft fabric sofa to relax into, a spacious corner or the ultimate comfort that comes with a recliner, choosing a sofa you love is the first port of call when you’re designing a room. Once you have your sofa in place, it’s all about building your room around it, whether that’s painting the walls, choosing a new carpet or installing shelves to show off your favourite possessions.

One of the best ways to make the most of your sofa in terms of room design is to accessorise the sofa itself. Whether it’s a handful of scatter cushions, a complementary footstool or a fluffy throw, getting the right accessories will really help to bring your sofa to life, making it the perfect focal point for your room. We look at how to accessorise your sofa to make it pop and give it an extra element of style.

Scatter Cushions

Cushions are one of the most traditional ways to dress up your sofa, and also one of the most diverse ways to accessorise your furniture. The right scatter cushions not only add an extra layer of comfort, but also complement the design of the sofa, allowing its colour and features to come to the fore.

Sofas like the Cedar come with scatter cushions included, which allow you to effortlessly accessorise your sofa choice. Whatever colour you choose, your sofa will come with complementary patterned cushions that completely change the look of your setup. Simply store them away or pop them on the sofa when you want to give the room a new look. Of course, scatter cushions also offer a great opportunity to give your living room a makeover without having to splash out. If you buy a grey or neutral toned sofa, all it takes is to buy a few a scatter cushions in a new colour, and you could repaint a wall, add some new prints and install a new rug in matching colours to give the entire room a new look in no time.



Many of us like to have a throw or blanket on the sofa, particularly for the winter months when it gets a little chilly. There’s nothing better than being curled up in front of the TV on a comfy corner sofa like the Majestic and pulling a throw over you to cast out the cold.

But throws can also be an ideal style addition to any room. Perfect for neutral coloured sofas, you can use throws to add a pop of colour to the room. A grey sofa accessorised with a yellow throw, for example, is ideal for the spring and summer months, bringing shades of the season into your room and allowing it to look brighter and full of life.

Much like scatter cushions, you can also use throws to give your room a new lease of life. They allow you to create a space that can be fully customisable if you want to shake things up on a whim. It’s easy to couple the two to completely change up the colour scheme of your room with ease, if you’re someone who likes to refresh their design from time to time without having to completely revamp.



Many of our sofas have matching or complementary footstools designed to really work with the sofas. The Alexa comes with a patterned footstool that not only adds that extra layer of comfort when you want to kick back and put your feet up after a long day at the office, it also gives you more opportunity to customise the look of your room.

Move your footstools around the room to accentuate different areas, or push them closer to your furniture when you want to make the room look more spacious. They are incredibly flexible accessories to your sofa that work perfectly to help give you that modular look that brings the whole room together.


Whatever sofa you choose to build your room around, dressing them and complementing them with accessories is a great way to breathe new life into your entire room, making your house feel like home.

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  • Heidi Griffin says:

    I have a sofology sofa and am wanting to replace one of the cushion covers do you sell them?

  • M says:

    I have a sofology sofa with colourful cushions and wondered if I would be able to get curtains that match the cushion design (or fabric with the same design) to have curtains made myself? Thanks

    • Lauren Harvey says:

      Hi Manpreet,

      Unfortunately, we aren’t able to supply the fabrics we use on the sofa separately! Although this is a great idea and will certainly pass the feedback through to the correct department.

      Many thanks,

      • Sam says:

        Same – I love my sofa fabric but can’t find anything as good for curtains or blinds – would love to buy matching fabric.

  • G says:

    Really like one of your accent chairs and Would love to be able to buy cushions of the same fabric to tie this and my existing Sofology sofa together. Unfortunately am told this isn’t possible, think your missing an opportunity here, as I won’t buy the chair without a way to tie both pieces together. Many others may be thinking likewise.

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We appreciate your feedback and will pass this onto our team!

      Many thanks,

  • Grace says:

    I need replacement sofa covers how can I place an order please?