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With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, Harry and Meghan fans up and down the country will be planning everything from street parties to a trip to the local to celebrate the occasion.

If, like us, you prefer to celebrate from the comfort of your own home, a living room tea party with your nearest and dearest is the perfect way to raise a toast to the happy couple.

Of course, a good tea party is a lovely way to celebrate any event – so you don’t have to wait for the next Royal Wedding to put these ideas into practice. From birthdays to Mother’s Day, dust off the teapot, grab a spot on the sofa and learn how to throw the perfect tea party.

Set the scene

Whatever your reason to celebrate, a tea party works best when it’s small and intimate. You want your guests to feel cosy and comfortable, so gather everyone in the living room. Open the curtains wide to let in lots of natural light, and it’s a lovely idea to fill a couple of vases with fresh flowers for the occasion.

If you have a coffee table, pull it into the centre of the room to make space to serve your tea and treats. A great alternative is to use a stylish footstool as a makeshift table if you need a little extra room.

Tea parties are all about decadence and indulgence, so you’ll want your living room set up to ooze luxury and elegance too. A velvety soft sofa like the Cricket is the perfect partner for this type of celebration. Choose from a range of stunning jewel tones to complement your decor.

If you have a bit more room to play with, the Cristiana is sure to make a grand impression on your guests. The beautiful, oval buttoned fabric footstool will look incredible set up for a delightful afternoon tea.

Fill your plate

Afternoon tea only has to be as fancy as you want to make it. If you’re a total perfectionist, you might want to go all out – borrow your mum’s best vintage china, get your apron ready and bake a whole host of delicacies for your guests. Go for the classics – scones, carrot cakes and mini lemon drizzles always go down a treat.

If you’re not feeling quite so adventurous, or are a little bit pushed for time, you could always buy a selection of cakes and traybakes and take the time to arrange them on pretty plates or a cake stand if you have one.

The staple of afternoon tea, you can’t miss finger sandwiches! Smoked salmon and cheese, ham and mustard, roast beef – whatever your favourite filling, it’s great to make a selection. Why not keep it on theme for the royal wedding with a delicious Coronation chicken too? Make sure you trim off the crusts and cut each sandwich neatly for the real afternoon tea look.

Put the kettle on

Afternoon tea wouldn’t be afternoon tea without a good cuppa. From herbal teas to English breakfast, Earl Grey or more exotic flavours, pick up an array of teabags so your guests can choose a beverage that perfectly complements their favourite sandwich and cake.

If you’re celebrating a big occasion you could even splash out on a bottle of fizz to really mark the event. Upgrade your party to a sparkling afternoon tea with glasses of prosecco or champagne for each guest. Perfect for raising a toast to Harry and Meghan – or whoever you’re celebrating.

Sit back and relax

If you’ve used your footstool as extra serving space, move the empty plates and teapots into the kitchen and your guests will be able to relax back on the sofa and put their feet up while they enjoy the rest of their visit.

Our stylish Parma range even features a clever Dual Footstool that doubles as an extra chair. Lay it flat while you eat, and then when it’s cleared you can always transform it into the chair mode if your guests want to spread out while they chat and let their food settle.

So there’s our guide to the perfect tea party at home! How will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding this weekend? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to enter our Royal Wedding competition here for your chance to win a Devon Heaven hamper full of delicious treats for a cream tea picnic.

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