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When it comes to paying homage to patron saints, there are few nations that do so as vibrantly and joyously as the Irish. Famed around the world as a day filled with glorious bursts of green and overflowing with merriment and a refreshment or two, St Patrick’s Day is one of the most colourful celebrations of the year.

There’s a reason it reaches far beyond the Emerald Isle. This year, why not bring the glow of green celebrations in to your home and make St Patrick’s Day a day to remember for all the family? Discover our top tips for getting into the spirit of the Emerald Isle and raise a glass to St Patrick on 17 March.

Go bold with colour

It’s no secret that Ireland goes hand in hand with the colour green. From the endless expanses of glorious green landscape to the shirts proudly donned by its sports teams, Ireland and the colour green have been closely linked for centuries – and it can all be traced back to the patron saint himself.

St Patrick is said to have worn his famous shamrock, the iconic three-leafed symbol of the nation, as recognition of the holy trinity. When you see someone wearing green on St Patrick’s Day, it’s as commemoration of the man himself.

Bring your own celebration to life with a few green fashion choices of your own, whether it’s a hat, a shirt, a dress or a pair of sparkling green shoes.

Go to a ceilidh – or host your own

A celebration of all things Celtic, taking part in a ceilidh has long been a staple of St Patrick’s Day. Fill the air with a cacophony of upbeat Irish folk music and get your dancing shoes (green or otherwise) on to bring your party to life.

If you can’t find a St Patrick’s ceilidh nearby, why not host your own? Just push the furniture back, get your Spotify playlist primed and get ready to dance the night away in a celebration of wonderful Irish culture and traditions.

The must-eat Irish delicacies

It’s not a party without some party snacks to hand – and St Patrick’s Day is no different. If you’re celebrating at home with loved ones, why not bring the gastronomic delights of the nation to life with a hearty classic Irish Stew?

Traditionally made with mutton, potatoes and onions, Irish stew is a warming dish for the soul and goes well with a side dish of colcannon. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, head for the kitchen and have a go at baking your own traditional loaf of soda bread – perfect for dipping into that tasty stew.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with small children

St Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t just for the grown-ups, so make sure you include your little ones in the merriment of the day. While they may not be able to sip on their own pints of Guinness, there are still plenty of ways they can take part too.

Take a leaf out of the city of Chicago’s book and get ready to make your water run green. Every year, the city celebrates its Irish roots by dyeing the Chicago River green around St Patrick’s Day, a stunning trick you can recreate at home.

Bring bath time to life with a coloured bath bomb and watch as the kids’ faces light up in amazement. Or, if you want to make the experience even more fun, splurge in some playful green slime. You can find sachets to simply add to the water. If you don’t fancy putting slime in the bath, pour it into a paddling pool. This way you can entertain the kids and their friends when they’re round for a sleepover.

Our favourite green sofas

The spirit of St Patrick’s Day needn’t be a one-day thing. Green is a wonderfully vibrant colour that brightens up any home and you can bring the look of the Emerald Isle into your home year round to give it a vibrant new look. From deep shades to fresh mints, you can bring a touch of nature indoors and give your home a sprinkling of Irish charm with a green sofa.

A jewel in the Sofology range, the corner Glastonbury sofa has enough space for all your guests to sit on when celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Combining both glamour and comfort, this green sofa is perfect all year round too. If you prefer a fresher look, the Majestic comes in a revitalising apple green that blends well into any home.

However you’re spending St Patrick’s Day at home this year, make sure you tag us in all your celebratory pictures on Instagram.

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