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From smartphones to smart TVs, voice search to connected fridges, technological advances impact our lives every day. In the last couple of decades, gadgets that once wouldn’t have looked out of place in a sci-fi film have become commonplace, with people embracing technology to make their lives easier than ever. Streaming TVs, smart meters and devices that let you order online without moving from your sofa, have all edged their way into everyday life, and their capabilities are only getting more impressive all the time, transforming the way we live.

Creating a modern living room incorporating this technology can be a fantastic way to give your home a new lease of life, transforming the way you live in the process. If you’re looking for ways to add a techy-touch to your living room and bring your space to life, check out our top tips for creating the perfect modern living room.

Smart lights

What started decades ago with the seemingly magic clapper lights has now advanced and evolved into voice-activated smart lights. Now, you can simply walk into a room and turn your lights on or off with a voice command.

Get an even more advanced aesthetic to wow guests by installing smart lights that will let you set the ambience in a split second with phrases like “movie night” or “romantic night”. Others will even bathe your room in a rich array of colours when you say the word.

Installing smart lights in your living space means you can easily set the tone of the room, giving your design a dynamic feel. If you’re kicking back with the family and watching a film, set your lights low to create the perfect atmosphere. Or if you’re up and tidying, you can brighten them in an instant to help you focus.

Voice search

It used to be the case that if you wanted to search for the name of that actor in that TV show you’re watching, you would have to take your eyes off the screen to engage with your phone. Install voice search in your home, however, and that problem is gone.

Transforming the way we watch, live and listen, devices like Alexa and Google Home, placed in the corner of the living room virtually unseen, can instantly give us the answers we want. Want to know how many Oscars your film won? Just ask Alexa. Need to know the time? Simply ask your Google Home device.

You can also use your Google Home or Alexa device to play music without having to do it yourself. So if you’re relaxing on the sofa and want to listen to some tunes, request a playlist and let your devices do the rest.

Smart TVs

If you’re a movie buff, nothing will give your living room that buzz of excitement quite like a smart TV. While we once marvelled at hundreds of channels and the ability to record programmes via the wizardry of Sky Plus, the internet age has made that look like a drop in the ocean. Now you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Smart TVs connect to the internet, giving you access to an endless stream of channels, catch-up services and sites like YouTube and Netflix on the big screen. Some connected TVs even allow you to change the channel with your voice, using commands like “turn to channel four”.

A smart TV is a great way to bring all the family together. With so many viewing options, you can easily find something that keeps everyone happy. Settle down to enjoy your favourite shows or binge-watch a box-set while munching on your favourite treats on the sofa.

Modern sofas

Give your sofa a techy makeover to tie the whole modern look together. You’ve got the smart devices installed, so you want a sofa that keeps up with your cutting edge aesthetic.

The Westwood sofa combines comfort and tech, featuring enough seating for the whole family to cosy up together and a USB port so you can keep your phone fully charged while you chill out. For added relaxation, the power recliner will let you sink back into any position from upright to laid flat.

Another stylish sofa perfect for any modern living room is the Insignia. You can recline at the touch of a button, sink into the soft leather and have a well-deserved rest. Plus, if you really want to make the most of its smart features, you can store your favourite seating positions on to your phone or tablet and get instant comfort at the touch of a button.

Smart technology helps bring an all new way of life into your home. Embrace it and create the perfect modern living room with Sofology.

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