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Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. This frost-kissed season is all about being at home with your loved ones, getting cosy and spending some quality time together. There’s nothing quite as magical as running downstairs on Christmas morning to rip open the presents Santa has left under the tree – although feasting on mince pies and watching festive movies together aren’t far behind.

As the centrepiece of your living room, your sofa plays a big part in the Christmas fun, whether it’s a huge corner sofa or a warm family sofa everyone can cuddle up on. Amongst all the excitement, everyone needs somewhere comfortable to put their feet up. There needs to be space for everybody – the kids, your other half, Grandma – and don’t forget yourself. Having the perfect sofa for Christmas is every bit as important as putting the star on the top of the tree.

Christmas presents on sofa


Seeing the kids’ faces light up as they shred the paper off beautifully wrapped presents, sent straight from the North Pole, is the first joy Christmas day will bring. Your little ones are sure to be smiling from ear to ear when they see what Santa has brought them.
Your sofa is the perfect staging area for that big moment when the kids come tearing downstairs. Stack up the presents on the sofa so they can dive straight in, full of excitement. The Linara corner sofa, available in a spectrum of colours, ranging from subtle to statement offers enough space for everyone to sit down in the morning and has an optional chaise piece, perfect for piling up gifts. The pigmented leather option is perfect for Christmas with guests, as its more durable finish means it’s less susceptible to scratching – ideal for when you’re having people round.

TV time

In between presents, games and feasting, there’s always time to watch some of those much-loved Christmas specials. The Queen’s Speech is a British favourite, watched by millions of people every year. Other must-sees include Raymond Briggs’ classics The Snowman and Father Christmas. These dreamy tales are sure to spark a warm, sentimental sensation on Christmas morning. From the modern movie list, The Grinch and Arthur Christmas are sure to get everyone laughing.
From watching Santa fly across the globe on his sleigh to getting emotional when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes, watch these TV highlights whilst snuggled up together as a family. The Pemberton is roomy enough for everyone to relax on and will keep you comforted throughout the day with its warming chenille fabric.

Couple watching Christmas movie

Family time

One of the best parts of the day is when friends and family drop in to soak up some festive joy. They might pop in for a quick coffee or even stretch out their visit to share your cheeseboard – the main thing is they’re there.
However long you get to enjoy their company, you’ll need to have a sofa that can accommodate everyone as they sit down to tuck into their festive snacks. The Cedar sofa has a clever design that has the option of an attached bookshelf – handy for providing your guests with somewhere to stand their mulled wine in between sips.
If you happen to be hosting on Christmas Day, one of the best parts is that you get to spend even more of the festive season with family who stay over and extend their visit.
If you’re likely to have some overnight guests this season, it’s best to prepare in advance, working out where everyone is going to sleep. A sofa bed can be the perfect resolution for any worries over space, giving you somewhere for guests to sit during the day that easily transforms into an extra bed in the evening. The Demure three-seater sofa bed option is the ideal choice, sumptuously comfortable and stylish by day and a convenient addition to your living room by night.

After-dinner nap

It happens to the best of us. There’s been an overload of succulent turkey, crispy pigs-in-blankets and buttery roast potatoes – so it’s no wonder we all experience a food-coma at some point during the afternoon. Is it really Christmas if Dad doesn’t fall asleep after dinner?
Make sure you all have somewhere comfortable to take a quick snooze, resting and recuperating for an evening full of festive fun. With large, cushioned arms and a deep seated design, the Serena sofa is made for nodding off. Sink into the cloud-like seats for the most anticipated nap of the year.

Festive games

Make Christmas a day to remember by bringing out some of the family’s favourite games. Heads Up is a great way to pick up the pace and excitement. Set the app to video mode and watch back the hilarious expression’s players make when trying to describe the answer. As it’s the holiday season, games with a Christmas theme are a natural fit. Try Christmas Carol Pictionary or festive 20 Questions. They’re bundles of fun, especially when the room is filled with shouts of reindeers and wreaths. If you’re feeling a bit more agile why not play a game of Santa Limbo, where players not only have to avoid the stick but keep their Santa hat on when leaning back?
Whatever your family traditions, Christmas is always made better with the perfect sofa. Feel at home on a sofa you love this Christmas.

Festive games
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