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One look at the Tarantino movie Once upon a time in Hollywood, and it’s clear the penchant for matching is still going strong. Double denim and colour-coordinated turtlenecks. It was fashionable in the ’60s, made its comeback in the ’80s – and it’s here again. 

Of course, these trends never stay on the catwalk – and fashion and interiors have always shared a particularly tight-knit relationship. Which is why it comes as no surprise that matchy-matching interiors are sashaying straight into the spotlight. 

We’re talking full-blown, all-encompassing and perfectly-matched interiors from floor to ceiling.  

If you want to make a statement without a hint of minimalism in sight, be inspired by our favourite matching moods.

Full-blown florals

Embrace the busyness of it all with a floral explosion. 

Bring the walls to life with wallpaper and matching curtains for a seamless effect. In the bedroom, play with matching duvet covers and throws, and add a hotel-inspired touch with coordinating lampshades.

Conjuring up images of 1980s living rooms decked out in ditsy florals, this style might sound innately vintage, but you can give it a modern twist. For more of a contemporary feel, find a larger, modern floral print that you love and run with it – embracing matching in all the same ways as the retro inspiration. 

You don’t have to limit florals to wallpaper and accessories – perhaps try adding a statement floral sofa to your space, like the Lily in Navy/Blue mix.


Colour blocks

Of course, patterns aren’t the only way to match it up. Go bold with block colours and enjoy the satisfaction of perfectly in-tune colour tones. 

This theme has more of a contemporary air about it and is a great way to incorporate the vintage matching style into modern homes and spaces. 

Create a feature wall in your favourite hue and position your colour-coordinated sofa right in front – like the Cricket sofa in velvet teal. 

Keep the theme going around the rest of the room, with matching rugs and lampshades. You need to be pedantic about buying perfectly matching colours to pull it off, but the results are wholly worth it.


Extra texture

Throw indulgent, statement textures into the matching mix too. Multiple pieces and accessories in the same fabric can really pull a room together and make it feel cohesive. 

Velvet is having a major comeback and is suitably luxurious to take centre stage. Think about big pieces like the indulgent Liberte sofa with plush, matching cushions.

Reupholster your existing footstools and roll thick, velvety rugs on the floor. Lampshades are a great way to keep the theme going beyond the central pieces, creating a space that effortlessly effuses luxury. 

While velvet is the material of the moment, there are a wealth of other textures waiting to charm your senses. Fall in love with the warmth of soft suede or create a more modern finish with leather furnishings and accessories. Whatever texture you choose, make sure there’s lots of it.


Super stripes

Spaghetti-thin or super chunky, you can do a lot with the humble stripe. 

Focus your attention first on the walls. When browsing wallpaper designs, consider how the type of stripe can enhance the space. Horizontal stripes will make the room feel longer and wider, while vertical stripes create the impression of a higher ceiling. 

Then there’s the colour palette. Stripes can create everything from loud statement spaces to subdued sanctuaries. 

Proving that vintage styles never go out of fashion, embrace the resurgence of matching and create a space that feels perfectly put together with inspiration from Sofology.

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