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Settling down to the latest episode of your favourite series or getting stuck into a Netflix marathon is one of life’s little pleasures. It’s the ultimate way to switch off after a long day, take a step back from the real world and get lost in a fantasy land. When you’ve got the best sofa for watching TV, life is that little bit better. 

While TVs have been a household essential since the 1950s, digital recording, on-demand platforms, streaming and mobile devices have rapidly and radically changed the way we consume our favourite shows in the last decade, giving us more variety and options than ever before. Although we still retain the same love for the TV, the ways we watch it are almost unrecognisable compared to even just a couple of decades ago.

Reality shows, gripping dramas, long-running soaps – whatever you love to watch on the box, the way you do it actually says a lot about your personality. Discover more about your TV viewing style and your perfect sofa match with Sofology.

The binge watcher

A product of the Netflix age, the binge watcher will typically stream all their favourite content in long sessions to feed their TV appetite. In bed, on the sofa, while they’re washing up – they’ll indulge in episode after episode of their favourite show wherever and whenever they can. They love discussing plot twists via WhatsApp, tweeting theories, and want to be among the first to catch the latest season. Staying up until midnight to view a new release isn’t uncommon for them.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: If you’re settling in for a day of Netflix indulgence, a relaxing sofa is essential. Designed for pure comfort, the Majestic comes with cosy arm cushions so you can stretch out and begin your TV marathon.

The passive viewer

For you, TV is all about relaxation. Unwinding in front of the box, cup of tea in hand, is the perfect way for you to chill out after a long day at work. It’s not about which programme is on, more about just having some down time, so you tend to channel hop until you find something you like.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: Since comfort is key, plump for the reclining Brighton. Made from supple natural leather, it can be adjusted to suit your favourite viewing position.

The traditionalist

No new age streaming here – this TV viewer likes to take their time to digest their favourite show, the way TV used to be. You’ll find them snuggled up on the sofa with all the family, remote in hand, once a week, same time, same place. They’re organised, adore a routine and enjoy the anticipation of episode cliffhangers from week-to-week.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: Space is key for this family-orientated TV viewer, so opt for the elegant Fairmont. As a cosy four-seater, it has enough room for everybody to pile on.

The commuting viewer

Squeezing the most out of the day is important to this extremely busy person, as they have little time to waste. You’ll find them pouring over their smartphone on the train or bus, watching new episodes on the way to and from work. Downloading shows in advance is key, so this type of TV watcher tends to be very organised.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: You don’t need a sofa for indulging in a TV programme – thanks to the wonders of technology you can catch the latest episode on-the-go.

The multi-screen viewer

Whether you’re live tweeting, debating the latest episode with your BFF via text or searching IMDB for that actress who just popped up on screen, your eyes are never stuck to just one screen. You’re constantly juggling devices, switching your attention between your smartphone and the TV. You’re inquisitive, social and like to be at the forefront of the action.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: You’ll need a sofa with plenty of room for all your devices, as well as your various TV remotes. The Emperor corner sofa has ample space, complete with ultra-deep seats.

The delayed viewer

Being at the forefront of viewing isn’t a big thing for you. You like TV, but you often record it and catch up on programmes when you have the time. You’re busy and rarely at home long enough to catch shows when they’re live, so the record button and on-demand platforms are your best friends.

Your ultimate sofa for watching TV: Thanks to your jam-packed schedule, you don’t often have the time to catch up on your favourite programmes, so when you do, you’ll need a relaxing place to do it. The Linara is just that, handcrafted from soft natural leather.

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