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One of the most enduring styles of the past 100 years for a reason, Art Deco’s glamour has stood the test of time. With prominent geometric shapes and perfectly streamlined forms, Art Deco emerged during a time of change – and is more than capable of transforming your living space.

Also known as the ‘Style Moderne’, Art Deco represents a time when many wanted to rid themselves of the drab past with some Great Gatsby-style hedonism. A contrast to its nature-themed predecessor, Art Nouveau, Art Deco represents love for modernity and the booming presence of the machine, with precise lines and distinctive splashes of chrome against bolder, brighter colours.

While the modern world has moved on from the vintage party age of those halcyon origins, its allure has never disappeared. So bring some glitz and glamour into your home with our easy and elegant guide, from slick décor to the dream Art Deco sofa.

Art deco is instant striking, blending rich materials with modern touches

Art Deco the walls

Art Deco is instantly striking, blending rich materials with modern touches. To keep in with that style, start with your walls.

If you want to keep things clean and create a blank canvas for edgy art, then go plain with one simple colour or pattern – a perfect backdrop to framed posters, chrome furniture, and shining accessories.

Adorn your space with iconic Art Deco inspired posters. Something like the famous 1925 Pivolo Aperitif would look striking in a vintage frame. Or you could delve into Cubism, a huge influence of the style, and proudly showcase a classic Picasso print.

Switch up your standard floor lamp with a feature tripod lamp - something that looks fresh from the studios of Hollywood

Light up the room

The bright lights of the Roaring ‘20s beamed throughout the lavish parties of that decade. Why not bring a bit of that light into your own living space with an opulent chandelier that oozes indulgence? Something sleek and mirrored that bounces light around the room will keep the feeling of glamour strong each and every evening.

The allure of movies was also wildly popular during the rise of Art Deco, with suave and elegant actors becoming a major obsession for many. You can tap into that sensation by switching up your standard floor lamp with a feature tripod lamp – something that looks fresh from the studios of Hollywood.

Re-Deco your furniture

The style emerged during a time of social activity, with many nights involving dancing, singing, and laughter to celebrate the new era. When adopting Art Deco into your living room, you want your furniture to be bold and striking – its very own talking-point – such as an eye-catching spherical bookcase or smooth, metallic coffee table. You can get even more inspiration from our guide on focal points that aren’t the TV.

An Art Deco sofa like the Cricket seamlessly fits the theme, displaying strong influences with its sleek design. Similarly, the Moreno follows the streamlined look, and has the added touch of chrome that is so wonderfully Art Deco.

Overhead of Sofology Cricket in teal fabric with a selection of books placed on the seat
Full front shot of the Sofology Cricket in teal fabric sat in bay window
Showing the arm and seat detail of the Sofology Cricket in teal fabric

Finishing touches

When Art Deco was at its peak, small figurative sculptures overtook classic paintings in the interior world. Bronze miniatures were especially popular, with female figures in particular echoing the growth in feminism. Dotting some of these around your living space will subtly bring together your overall look and showcase your appreciation for the time.

Nothing quite says “party like Gatsby” than a drinks trolley too. Roll out your own sleek, chrome trolley in a geometric design for an extra splash of something exuberant in your home, perhaps with some vintage decanters.

Achieving the Art Deco look is all about knowing how to turn something simple into something fabulous and striking. With a few easy changes, you’ll be living like Gatsby in no time.

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