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Christmas lights

There’s nothing as magical as the festive period. It’s a time when all the family can come together and enjoy some quality time at home, without work or school to get in the way. If you want to create a little festive spirit this winter, why not grab the kids and enjoy some crafting activities from the comfort of your own home? They’re generally inexpensive, they keep everyone occupied and they offer a bit of respite from playing video games or watching TV.

What you make can be as simple or as complex as you like, as long as fun is at the heart of the activity. There’s a huge range of different art and craft creations you can make from the comfort of the sofa, but you can also move the festive fun into the kitchen if you enjoy cooking and baking as well. Read on for for some Christmas crafting inspiration you can enjoy with the whole family over the winter period.

Handmade Christmas cards

Crafting Christmas Cards

A great way of getting your kids into the Christmas spirit is by making Christmas cards, either for close family or for wider family and friends – it can help you save money and it gives the little ones the freedom to get really artistic. Grab some coloured card, pencils and scissors and get to work! Be careful though – if you’re working with young ones make sure they use special safety scissors, or have an adult do the cutting out for them so there aren’t any accidents when everyone is having fun.

Let their imaginations run wild as your kids start to make the cards – they can use the pencils to make designs or you can help them to cut and stick different Christmas patterns like snowflakes, Christmas trees or reindeers onto the card. They don’t have to look professional, it’s the thought, time and effort that goes into making them that counts. Why not add a little Christmas sparkle and use glitter to finish the design?

Once the cards are made, write some personalised messages inside and send them before Christmas day arrives. A cosy Rosie sofa is perfect to sit on as you write in your cards – it’s super soft and durable, and it’s handcrafted from a stunning woven mix fabric that feels amazing to relax on. It offers plenty of space for you to organise your cards, or for a little helper sat next to you if you need a hand.

Child making Christmas cards

Make memories with some homemade decorations

Why not try something different when you decorate this Christmas, by introducing homemade decorations? You can craft some lovely little pieces for the tree or even the front door, and you can keep them for years as reminders of some wonderful Christmas crafting memories. Like any crafts done at home, they don’t have to be perfect, it’s about the memories you create as you spend time with the family.

From wreaths to baubles, tree toppers to table ornaments, you can create some amazing pieces to bring the room alive with festive cheer. Craft some special family baubles, made from paper, card, shop bought baubles or even get creative with pottery if you have the resources to do it. Cut out some designs on card, colour them in and use string to attach them to the tree. Alternatively, use plain baubles as the canvas for your festive designs – grab your paints, or glue and glitter, and craft some stunning festive baubles to go on the tree.

Homemade wreaths are another good Christmas crafting idea, using natural items from the garden. It can be as simple as grabbing plenty of redwood, fir or pine branches from the garden, giving them a clean and weaving them into a circular shape. There’s plenty of guides on Youtube you can follow if you don’t feel confident, and you can use shop bought decorative pieces to finish the wreath. This can then stay in the family for years as a beautiful front door decoration.

Handmade Christmas decorations

Craft some homemade gift wrap

Why not give the kids a chance to show off their artistic skills by making some personalised gift wrap? A really easy way to enjoy some quiet family time, you can purchase plain gift wrap from your local crafts shop and give your kids the freedom to draw their own patterns and designs on the paper before they colour it in. This paper can be used for both close family or wider family and friends, and could even be personalised to each recipient.

Once the paper is made, why not wrap your presents on the Bottega sofa? Handcrafted in a choice of 3 durabilities of 100% natural leather, it’s the perfect sofa for you to settle down on and get ready to wrap. It’s a super cosy range, due to its deep seats and thick arm pads, offering a level of comfort you just won’t want to leave.

Christmas lights

Fun in the kitchen with festive baking

Making some tasty snacks to enjoy on the sofa is the highlight of any Christmas crafting session. You aren’t limited to just sweet treats when it comes to festive snacks, there’s plenty of savoury options you can bake or cook – why not have a look at our sofa snacks article for some inspiration?

Christmas cookies are a great go-to snack when you’re wanting to get into the festive spirit. Grab your festive cookie cutters and get to work! Christmas trees, snowmen or snowflakes are favourites, but if you have other shapes you would like to use they would work fine too. After shaping the dough and baking in the oven, decorate with white or coloured icing to add designs to the cookies, as well as making them taste that little bit sweeter.

When you’ve finished, you can jump on the big family sofa and enjoy a tasty festive treat with a Christmas movie. The Parma is perfect for this; available in either fabric and leather, you can choose a corner sofa so the whole family has room to relax – it also has a handy power recliner option, offering that extra bit of comfort.

Christmas cookies

Enjoy Christmas with Sofology

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