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Christmas is, without doubt, one of the most exciting times of year. From the snow-lined streets and the crisp winter air to family gatherings with presents lovingly wrapped and piled under the tree, the festive season is truly magical.

One of the best parts of the Christmas period is getting everything ready at home. When December rolls around, families across the country shuffle the tree into position, untangle the tinsel and start to bathe their homes in winter wonder. It’s something for the whole family to get involved in, from hanging baubles to writing those all-important lists for Santa Claus. But Christmas isn’t solely about those big moments. While the tree and tinsel are important, you can make this festive holiday even better by embracing some of the little things that make it special.

How to decorate for the Kids

Leaving out a mince pie and some carrots for Santa and his trusty reindeer is a tried and tested method for getting the excitement going, but there are other ways to get the kids involved and animated in the run up to Christmas Day.

Enchanting elf doors attached to your skirting boards can create a world of imagination, while building your own festive post-box can give the kids somewhere to post their letters to the North Pole. Adding a sign to your front garden or window will let Santa know where he needs to stop and, if you don’t have a chimney, leaving out a magical key will let younger children see that Santa will still be paying a visit on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, why not get snuggled up on the sofa and spend the day indulging in a movie marathon packed with festive favourites? A cosy family sofa for your living room will allow everyone to pile on together and enjoy everything from Home Alone to Frozen as you wait for Christmas to come. And, as the night starts to fall, ramp up the excitement by bringing out a laptop to check where in the world Santa is.

Smells of Christmas

The smell of Christmas

Cinnamon, gingerbread and fresh pine – there are some smells that can only mean Christmas. Bringing these into your home is a great way to prepare for the season, putting a smile on your face every time you walk through the front door. Whether you’re indulging in hot chocolate, baking up a batch of festive goodies or just using candles to fill your home with a mulled aroma, there are loads of ways you can bring in that festive scent.

For a decorative touch, a bowl of pinecones on your coffee table makes for a fantastic, modern addition to your décor. Not only that, they’ll also bring the wonderful smell of a real tree wafting through the home.

You don’t need to stop at accessories and decorations either. Many cleaning brands now offer festive scents with their products, meaning you can even inject a little bit of Christmas into your chores.

Minimalist decorations

If you’re stepping away from the traditional tree and tinsel in search of a more minimalist look, there are plenty of ways you can still create that festive feeling in your home. Why not try hanging bunting in yuletide colours over picture frames and shelving, or create a stylish wreath by using baubles instead of traditional foliage.

Seasonal artwork, ornaments and candles can all help add an essence of Christmas, while chunky throws and plush scatter cushions can bring in a sense of warmth and cosiness during the cold season. If you still want to have a focal point without using a whole tree, try bringing in a single branch and adorning it with baubles and lights.

Coco chenille sofa
Marmont corner sofa

The perfect Christmas sofa for the living room

Whether you’re piling up the presents, hosting a family gathering or settling down for an evening in front of the TV, you’ll need to have the right sofa for your living room to complete your Christmas look.

With sumptuous cushions you can sink back into and enough space to get cosy in the evening, the Coco fabric sofa is the ideal choice. Available in 17 colours and with either chrome or solid wood feet, this comfy sofa adds a touch of luxury to your space while creating a welcoming spot for you to kick back and relax away from the cold.

If you’re hosting Christmas day for all the family, the Marmont corner sofa is an inviting place where everyone can sit together to soak up the festivities. The tucked-button finish across the back of this sofa gives it a stylish twist, without taking away any of the plush comfort this sofa is known for.  

From the build up to yuletide season to that festive feeling on the big day, Christmas can be made all the more exciting with some little flourishes. Find the perfect sofa for your living room this Christmas with Sofology.


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