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Fresh paint, soft textures and hand-picked furniture pieces. Originally just a vision in your mind, everything has now come together to bring your dream living room to life, creating your own personal sanctuary; a cosy retreat that feels like home. All that remains is to add those little final flourishes to your room – a family photo here, a holiday memento there – and then sink into the plump cushions of your sofa.

When you’ve put so much thought and hard work into creating a beautiful space, you’re not going to want to keep it to yourself. Set your sights on social media and show off your dream living room to the world. Instagram is the perfect place for sharing your new design with friends and family, as well as giving you a platform to welcome an all new audience to your living room, helping to inspire and influence others along the way. Make sure your living room looks as good behind the lens as it does in real life with these six tips for getting the perfect social snap.

Adjust the lighting

Lighting is the key to creating the ideal ambience in your Instagram snaps. Throw open the curtains and roll up the blinds to let natural light pour in through the windows, beaming down on your new interiors. For a cosier effect, try playing around with lamps and sidelights to give your photo the perfect subtle glow. Remember to check how the light looks through your phone whenever you make any changes. You don’t want any shadows or dark spots to ruin your shot. You’ll find the space looks best when you’re standing with your back to the main light source, such as a large window or bright lamp.

Add a dash of colour

Capture the attention of your followers as they scroll through their feed with pops of colour that make your photo stand out. Position statement features in the centre of your shot for maximum impact, like a bright wall or a vibrant sofa. One thing’s for sure, the Cricket sofa in emerald green knows how to work the camera. So, if you’re looking for bold and beautiful, it may just be the best sofa for the job.

You can also dress up your room with vivid cushions and throws. Pair the soft brown tones of the natural leather Concetto sofa with burnt orange and golden accessories for a warm autumnal feel and give your photo an instant seasonal spin. Complement these accessories with matching lamp shades, photo frames and a vase of colour co-ordinated blooms for a photo that looks and feels complete.


Find the right angle

When you’re trying to capture the essence of the room, step back and get a nice wide angle, making it look airy and spacious. Experiment with different levels to see what looks best. A bird’s eye view will often make your living room look bigger, while a low angle can be more atmospheric. Afterwards, try zooming in for a close-up on your favourite design details. You can upload all your best images into an album or post them in an Instagram Carousel. Macro and micro shots are a winning combination every time.

Let life happen

If your kids are playing or your dog is having a snooze in a sunny spot, you don’t need to shoo them out of the way to get that perfect shot. Having your loved ones in the photo can help you portray the feeling of home. Keep the focus on the decor but embrace the charm of everyday life. A candid giggle or a pair of fluffy paws can give your snap something special to capture the imagination of your audience.

Don’t filter

Valencia, Gingham and of course – the world’s favourite – Clarendon, Instagram filters are used widely to give photos a subtle touch up. But while using a filter can be tempting, we think it’s nicer to keep things natural. If you perfect the lighting, you won’t need Instagram to do any extra work and your room will look beautiful all on its own. Let the natural glow of your interior take centre stage and keep it authentic.

Share it

The final step is to share your hard work with the world. Tag us in your photos @sofology and use the hashtag #sofalovestory to be in with a chance of appearing in our photo gallery. On Instagram, you can also add interior styling hashtags to your caption such as #livingroom and #interior123 to catch the eye of other interior stylist ‘grammers.

Once you’ve posted your photo on your social media channels, it’s time to relax, put the kettle on, snuggle up under a blanket and relish that feeling of home.

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