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There’s nothing quite like spending time together as a family, especially after a long day at school or work. No matter what you choose to do together, simply having that time to relax and spend time with each other is one of life’s little pleasures. Being surrounded by those you love is a great way to put a smile on your face, help you feel content and let you recharge.

The sofa is the perfect place to congregate as a family. Whether you’re all engrossed in a movie or just eating dinner together in the evening, the comfiest spot in your house is where you’ll enjoy those precious little moments you’ll treasure forever. Nights in are the new nights out – especially when you’ve got little ones in tow. Here are just a handful of the little things that can make a family evening at home that extra bit special.

Something new

Chances are, you’ll spend a lot of time as a family catching up on your favourite TV shows. So why not mix it up a bit and add a little something new to make your family nights in more special? Choose one night a week, Friday is a good place to start, where everyone changes into their pyjamas and settles in for a special film night. Order food from your favourite takeaway, make sure you have snacks at the ready and enjoy a really fun night in with a little twist that you’ll all look forward to.

A look of wonder

Reading a story to your kids at bedtime is a great way to get them off to sleep, but that look of amazement and wonder in their eyes as they hear about the exploits of their favourite fictional characters needn’t just be for night time. Set aside a day of the week where the TV goes off and you and the kids set off together into a world of fantasy and fiction. Make it even more special with voices for every character in the book, or try coming up with your own stories to wow your little ones.

Extend the invite

Family time needn’t just be for those who live in your home. Create magical memories by making sure you keep up with extended family too. Whether it’s grandparents, aunts and uncles or even close friends, set aside some time to invite people round for a gathering. Make a night of it and break out the board games or have a quiz to add fun and laughter to the evening, and it’ll quickly become a family favourite you repeat time and again.


Big moments in life often play out on the sofa, from a romantic proposal to telling excited family members about a new arrival. But in-between these milestones, there are the smaller achievements too. make sure your kids in particular are proud of what they’ve achieved by reserving some time for everyone to share what they’ve been up to and what they’re proud of. Not only will you have a better insight into how everyone is getting on, you’ll also be able to ensure your kids take pride in what they do by seeing how happy it makes you.

The perfect sofa for a family

If you’re spending time with your favourite people you want to make sure you all feel relaxed and at home. A sofa fit for a family is a really important part of that feeling, creating a place for you to laugh, cry and make memories. Corner sofas are an excellent choice, with enough room for the whole family to squish on together. The Chiltern is supremely cosy yet robust, while the Westwood is available in a choice of fabric or leather.  

Regardless of what you’re doing, it’s the little things like the simple notion of being together that’s so rewarding and comforting. Make those moments count and have an extra special family night in on a sofa you love with Sofology.

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