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There’s no denying it, autumn is definitely here. If you’re not quite ready to make the transition from sunny days in the park to cosy nights at home – this round up of our favourite summer trends will help you cling onto those last few moments of sunshine.

Go green with a totally tropical look

Ever since Pantone named ‘greenery’ as the colour of the year in 2017, this trend has really come into its own. Reinvented in 2018 with a totally tropical twist, it’s the perfect trend if you want to introduce some life into your home. Focussed on light and airy spaces that blend the outside with the inside, you should aim for large, lush and leafy patterns to achieve your tropical themed room. Whether it’s your wallpaper or just leafy prints on cushions or wall hangings, introducing botanical elements is vital in achieving a totally tropical look.

You can choose a corner of your space to become a feature of the room, building up layers of leafy foliage with a selection of large and small house plants. Although they require some looking after, you’ll reap the rewards when your room is full of beautiful, natural greenery, even in the colder months. The ultimate aim is to recreate a tropical setting, complementing the trend with simple furniture, such as a traditional brown leather sofa like the Maltby, perfect to set against the bright green tones. If you like this look, you can read more about how to achieve it here.


Warm and cosy rust and terracotta

A contemporary twist on a traditional style, rust and terracotta made a resurgence as a hot trend for Summer 2018. By introducing warm, rustic wall colours, like shades of orangey brown paired with white panelling, you can give your living room a rustic charm that will feel homely and cosy. If you’re adventurous, you could try having a feature wall covered in pale plywood to emphasise that rustic feel.

A contemporary sofa is key for this trend. Choose the Marni in toronto grey fabric, or another bright shade to break up the bold colours of the room without losing the warmth of the rust and terracotta style. Accessories like rust coloured throws and scatter cushions can add to that extra cosy feel of the sofa and, combined with gold accents and metallics on accessories like lamps or wall hangings, create a fresh feeling for the room. For more information on this trend, click here.


Add cultural themes with the Artisan and Global trend

made a real statement this summer, becoming one of the hottest looks of 2018. It combines handcrafted ornaments and macrame hangings with textured patterns, fabrics and rustic clays. Bring together dark hardwoods adorned with metals that burst with retro glamour with lighter coloured accessories like wicker baskets and potted plants.

The driving force behind this trend are the cultural themes interwoven into the decor, that will really bring your home to life. Using inspiration from Aztec, North American or African tribes can really work when choosing wall hangings and art, adding a cultural and travelled feeling to the room. Combining all of these elements with a sprinkling of greenery and a fabric sofa like the Coco or a leather sofa like the Barrington can bring the room together beautifully. Simple neutral wall colours, complemented with a deep brown or simple grey sofa will go a long way to help you achieve this stunningly stylish summer trend. You can read more about Artisan and Global here.

Contrast dark and light with the Monochrome trend

Not everyone is a fan of big, vibrant colours. You may want your living room to look bright, airy and full of clean lines. If this is the case, then you should try to introduce the monochrome trend into your home, a style that’s easy to pull off with minimal effort. You should try to play around with different textures in the room – limiting your colour scheme to shades of grey, white or black opens up huge opportunities to create warm and interesting focal points in your living space.

The sofa is the centrepiece of this space. Choose a range like the Mateo, available in a huge range of colours from ice white to midnight black and a choice of grey shades in between. The varying textures of scatter cushions, throws and blankets are key here, adding a soft touch to the room as well as a slight variance of neutral colour. Geometric prints come into their own with the monochrome trend; if you keep your flooring and furniture simple, you open the door to introducing adventurous geometric wallpaper prints around the whole room, or on a feature wall if you wish. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and experimenting with stunning prints. If you’re looking for a style that doesn’t need vibrant colour tones, click here to find out more.


Summer doesn’t have to end when you have a sofa you love

It’s never too late to introduce some summery vibes in your home, no matter what time of year it may be. As the autumn months go on, you can keep your home light, bright and, with the right trend, full of greenery and life. Combining any one of these styles with a sofa you love will really bring the room together, ensuring you’ll love the space for years to come. Browse over 200 of our exclusive ranges right here at Sofology.co.uk.

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