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Terracotta has been used in a variety of ways in homes for centuries. When you think about terracotta in interior design you’d be forgiven for associating the trend with a slightly dated 70s look. Whilst undeniably retro, the earthy tones of red and orange are making a reappearance this summer with a modern and contemporary twist that will bring warmth and rustic charm into the colour scheme of any home.

Adding terracotta into your decor doesn’t have to mean clay pots and earthenware – simply introducing chalky rust tones through wall coverings, soft furnishings or accessories is a great way to embrace this trend.

Rustic walls

If you don’t want to go all out with a deep burnt orange paint, try covering your walls with pale plywood to create a backdrop that will enhance the natural feel of this style. The beautiful texture and character of the raw material adds to the rustic feel, giving your room a stripped back appearance that acts as a blank canvas to begin layering rust and terracotta coloured furnishings and accessories.

Prefer a slightly more refined finish? Choose shades of orangey brown and pair with bright white panelling for a really striking style that won’t leave your room feeling dark or closed-in. This look works especially well with a light wooden flooring, keeping the style fairly minimalist to add to the modern feel.


Keep it contemporary with grey

Retro style is great, but you won’t want your living room to look dated. Bring 70s vibe terracotta walls into 2018 with a simple grey fabric sofa like the Parma. Sleek and modern, with striking chrome finish feet that add a touch of glamour to the look. Choosing to introduce a different coloured sofa can brighten up the space as well as break up the colours of the room without losing the retro style and warmth of a terracotta colour scheme.


Throws and scatter cushions in terracotta shades of orange or red are great for adding an extra depth of colour to your sofa – and the room as a whole (just make sure everything is colourfast so it doesn’t transfer dye onto a pale coloured sofa). Gold accents work brilliantly with this trend, so try complementing your colour scheme with metallic lamp shades or golden graphics on the walls to add a little shimmer and understated glamour that won’t detract from the overall rustic feel.

Whilst not necessary to fully embrace the theme, pots and plants can be a great addition to this style without having to break the bank. Clay pots filled with cacti or shrubs can add a fresh feel to the room, as well as helping to maintain the rustic feel of the space. Use dramatic black accents to break up big blocks of colour and make the delicate palette look less feminine – introducing dark picture frames or side tables with black legs and frames can work really well with terracotta tones.

Keep it minimal

Save space and add a modern twist to the style by introducing some traditional or quirky storage items into your home. It’s a clever way to keep the look of the room minimalist without having to declutter too much of your stuff. Get creative and use retro trollies or keep it more traditional with wooden side tables – both can be purchased cheaply and salvaged to look as good as new. Use these storage pieces to make any clutter look like a decorative feature of the room whilst also saving space and giving the room an open feel.

Complete the look with a centrepiece sofa

At the heart of the room you’ll need a sofa that perfectly complements the look. Rich, mottled brown leather will enhance the earthiness of the terracotta accents or rusty coloured walls. Choose the Stratford sofa in super soft natural leather, and the low slung back and minimalistic shape will pair up effortlessly with this retro-chic style.

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