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Not everyone is a fan of colour. If pretty pastel palettes, bright and bold decor, or the hottest colour trend of the year aren’t your cup of tea, consider a timelessly chic monochrome theme for your next living room makeover.

If you carefully balance out the perfect mix of black, white and shades of grey, a lack of colour doesn’t have to mean a lack of style. In fact, used well, this classic palette can help you create beautiful simplicity, with a harmony of clean lines and cosiness that gives your room an elegant, modern feel – without feeling remotely stark or bare.

Play with textures

Limiting your colour scheme to shades of grey opens up a huge opportunity to create warmth and interesting focal points in your room through the addition of lots of different textures. Start with a simple shaped sofa like the Mateo, available in a huge range of colours, from ice white to midnight black, with a choice of shades of grey in-between.

Add some softness to the clean lines of this sofa with scatter cushions in a range of sizes – and choose a selection of really tactile, textured fabrics to break up the simplicity of the style. Still looking for a way to make the sofa feel a little cosier? The simple addition of a neat, grey blanket folded over the sofa arm not only gives the room a more lived-in look, but it’s handy for chilly nights in front of the TV in your pyjamas.

A large, woven rug is a great way to add a feeling of warmth to monochrome style decor, helping you to define areas of your room, especially in a larger space such as an open plan living and dining area. Complete the look with a chunky knitted bean bag, perfect for an emergency seat when the whole family drops in to visit.


Geometric prints

If you keep your flooring and furniture as simple as your monochrome colour scheme, your walls become a great blank canvas for a really eye-catching wallpaper. Whether you go light or dark, try painted grey floorboards paired with a bold, geometric print wall covering.

If you’re feeling bold, and you think your space can handle it, try a patterned wallpaper on all 4 walls. For a more subtle look, choose a feature wall to wallpaper and paint the others in a complementary shade of pale grey. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns – contrasting geometric patterns on your wall, scatter cushions and rug can be a great way to add interest and extra texture to a simple colour scheme.

It’s all in the angle

When you go for simplicity, it’s the little things that really make all the difference. A simple leather sofa like the Fellini stands out not only because of the incredible quality of the Italian leather, but because of the striking angles of the arms and feet, which make a statement against both plain and patterned walls.

As a final touch, add some life into the room with a few leafy green plants. This flash of colour works perfectly with a monochrome colour scheme. Pop a few small plants on a side table or choose one statement bloom and give it pride of place in a chunky white porcelain pot.


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