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Interior design trends by their nature are constantly changing and updating as fashions and tastes also change. For the last decade or so, people have moved towards a generally more understated look, choosing clean cut white and magnolia to create a blank canvas that they could decorate around. However, time are changing and we’re starting to becoming bolder, with the muted shades making way for more striking tones, vibrant and more expressive.

Choosing a colour scheme for your room is the first step to creating the perfect design.  Nothing grabs the attention more than a bright hue or a standout shade, especially in your living room – where you want to make the most of your personality and create a room that really pops.

Along with picking the perfect colour for your walls and floors and getting your colour scheme just right, finding a sofa you love, that complements the style is important. One way people are choosing to be bolder than ever in this regard is to embrace colour clashes, creating a striking look that steps away from the norm and can give any room a truly unique vibe.

What are colour clashes?

Colour clashes happen when you choose to put two shades that you wouldn’t expect to go together, side by side. Essentially, when it comes to using colour in your living room, the rules have changed. It can be a risky move to try, but, used well, clashing colours will create a look that defies the status quo and makes a big statement.

Make colour clashes work for you

The relaxing tranquillity of blues, greens and turquoises make for a soothing atmosphere, which is why many people choose to bring these softer shades into their living rooms. But why not give your blue room a twist? Blue walls contrasted with a pop of colour in your sofa choice will allow the furniture to really stand out and your room to look instantly memorable. We’ve got the perfect sofa to match this look – our Candi range, available in a range of bright and bold colours, will clash perfectly with any softer tones in your room to give your living room that real wow factor.

Bold hues are guaranteed to really stand out – from hot pink to bright red and loud lime green – they make a huge difference to any space. Red is daring and evocative and can work superbly in a living room when surrounded by the right colours. Red leather sofas, like the one that can be found in our Pucci range will most definitely pop and can combine beautifully with greens, a colour scheme people have long been scared to try.

If your taste is slightly more conservative and you prefer to stay on the safer side when it comes to picking a sofa, use accessories to add splashes of colour and brightness. Our Bartelli sofa range in elegant, classy grey can look timeless and understated in a neutral room when mixed with a range of accessories.

Add yellow and orange cushions or perhaps an orange throw, and you’ve transformed the room into something that’s visually striking and exciting. Try a feature wall in orange too, for that extra pop.


The Savanah range, in animal print design, is bold and eye-catching but don’t think you have to tone down the decor of your room if you want to add this sofa. Take a walk on the wild side and try adding similar animal print wallpaper behind the sofa. Or, for an extra touch of opulence, go for gold-coloured curtains and a metallic paint scheme.


If you’re not sure where to begin, try starting with the sofa before working outwards, choosing décor and shades to complement it. You could even put together a mood board to get a better idea of how the contrasting colours will work together.

So, there really are no limits when styling your living space. Brave colour clashes and combinations can work – emerald and teal; royal blue and orange; pink and orange; deep purple and an ocean blue. Be creative and adventurous with your living room look and find that perfect colourful sofa that suits your space.

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