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It’s the small, thoughtful details that go into our sofas that make them so sumptuously cosy and comfortable. From the relaxing feeling of fibre filled pillows, to the support of solid steel springs, it’s when all the elements of our sofas combine that you can truly feel the difference.

When it comes to our collection of over 200 exclusive sofa ranges, there’s a wealth of different fabrics and leathers to choose from, all offering a range of textures, looks and feels. If you’re pondering choosing a leather style and want to know a little more about how opting for our luxurious natural leather ranges can make life that little bit better – read on.  

Why our leather sofas are better by design

At Sofology, we only ever use 100% natural leather. We don’t use substitute leather products on any part of any of our sofas – because we know you’ll instantly be able to tell the difference. We know that natural leather is cosier to relax on, more comfortable and more durable than any of the substitute products used on the market. Faux leather can fade at different rates to the real thing, meaning your sofa could end up patchy, rather than aging like a fine wine over the years.

If natural leather is cared for, maintained and loved year after year, it will age gracefully, adding to, and enhancing, the elegant design it was intended for. This means that, with a Sofology sofa, when we say it’s leather, it really is 100% natural leather.


A little bit of colour can make all the difference

We all love a burst of colour somewhere in our homes, whether it’s bright and vibrant or more muted and neutral. A leather sofa doesn’t have to be brown – treated leather (often called pigmented) can be dyed into a huge range of subtle or vibrant hues. The most durable type of leather we offer, pigmented leather has a durable protective layer that means it’s great for busy homes, especially if there are children around.

Choosing real, natural leather doesn’t mean you have to compromise unique style for the sake of the warmth and softness that leather has to offer. Colour plays a huge role in bringing the style of your room together and adding character to your home. Experimenting with bold colours like green apple or sunburst yellow with a sofa like the Zahara or the Eiger can give your living room a stunning focal point from which to build the rest of your interior decor scheme.

Prefer something a little more subtle? Choose less quirky tones like grey, black or tan shades for a more discreet colour that still brings personality to your living room. The beauty of pigmented leather is clear to see – a huge array of options, high durability and the exquisite look and feel that only comes from 100% natural leather.

Best of both worlds with Semi-Aniline

Like to experiment with colour but also want some of the natural, rich character that only features in the highest quality, natural leathers? With semi-aniline leather, you can enjoy both at the same time. It’s partially treated, retaining many of the features of the natural, raw material, whilst also offering a little more durability than a completely untreated hide. This type of leather can be dyed into several shades, complementing the grains and marks that give this type of leather a distinctive, ‘lived in’ look. These characteristics will only develop and deepen as your sofa ages, enriching the design, becoming softer and more beautiful.

Consider the Laurence or Parma sofa ranges, which have semi-aniline leather options that are warm and supple, perfect to cosy up on as you enjoy some relaxing time alone or with family and friends. This type of leather is incredibly soft and warm to the touch, so you’ll feel the difference every time you come home and curl up for the night.

Experience the warmth and character of untreated leather

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of beautiful, premium, aniline leather. The least treated leather that we offer, it’s simply full of natural character, carrying the rich history of the animal on every hide. These markings, such as scars and brands, make your sofa one of a kind –  the leather will be completely unique, there won’t be another like it.

Because aniline leather is left untreated, it’s the warmest and softest of all leather types. It’s beautifully natural, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Discover sofa ranges lovingly handcrafted from aniline leather, like the Sardinia or the Galleria. These feel amazingly soft to relax on, with an extra special nubuck leather option available that’s buffed to create a sumptuous velvet-like feel that you’ll never want to leave.

Aniline leather needs a little extra care, but if you invest the time it will reward you with years of comfort and softness. Premium aniline leather will age beautifully, gaining character over time. Carefully hand dyed, you can enjoy aniline leather in a range of muted shades, perfect for that classic, timeless, distressed look.

Little things make life better

It’s the little things, like 100% natural leather, that make our sofas so unique and incredibly comfortable to relax on. Read about how the thoughtful details that go into each range, like the fabrics or solid wood feet we use, can make you happier and more comfortable at home. If you want to find out more information about each different type of leather, you can check out our article here about the right leather choice for you.

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