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We’ve all been there – the kids are eating chocolate or you’re enjoying a glass of wine on the brand new sofa when suddenly a spill happens. It can feel like the end of the world when something stains your sofa but, in most cases, acting fast can save it from irrevocable harm – simply follow our tips on keeping your sofa clean and looking great.

Fabric Ranges

Stains are significantly more likely to happen on fabric sofas given the nature of the upholstery. Because most fabrics are made up of individual fibres woven together, liquid or sticky food spillages stain when these fibres absorb liquid or oils and then dry out. We offer fabric options that are more hardwearing and resistant to staining, like Luxe Plus and our Pet Friendly ranges, but we recommend always quickly cleaning the stain to avoid any damage.

With fabric, speed is the key – you must move quickly to blot the spillage with a clean dry cloth and then, once the excess has been removed, wet another colourfast cloth and blot at the stain. It’s important not to rub at the stain, as this is likely to spread it rather than remove it.

Our fabric care kit is the best way to keep your sofa looking great, as it comes with all the products we recommend to remove unwanted stains but, if you don’t have one, use a warm solution of soapy water when blotting and keep going until the stain has been removed. To avoid water marks on the affected area after cleaning has finished, dampen a fresh colourfast cloth with boiled kettle water and gently wipe the panel from seam to seam.

Leather Ranges

If you’ve spilled something on your leather sofa the sooner you act, the more effectively you’ll be able to remove the stain. Generally speaking, if your sofa is made from pigmented or semi-aniline leather, your sofa is less likely to stain, because these leather types are treated with a protective coating that helps prevent stains from forming. However, you should always quickly blot up any spillages with a clean, dry cloth first, then use a wet cloth to remove any residue from the sofa.

If your sofa is made from aniline leather you must move quickly to prevent a stain from forming on the upholstery. Once again take a clean, dry colourfast cloth and blot the stain to remove any excess, then use a another wet colourfast cloth to blot the residue of the stain until it is removed – do not rub at the stain, as this is likely to spread it further.

Our leather care kit is the ultimate tool for removing stains, as well as protecting your leather sofa and keeping it looking great. We’d always recommend using the products in this kit as they are the most effective. If you don’t have one, be sure to use warm soapy water when blotting at the stain and, once cleaned, take another wet colourfast cloth and wipe the affected area down from seam to seam to avoid watermarks.

Everyday Maintenance

The best way to keep your sofa looking great is with regular maintenance, and that means daily or weekly cleans. We recommend you plump your cushions daily where possible, especially seat or back cushions that are regularly used – this will invite air back into the fillings, which keeps the cushion feeling plump and looking full. We’d also recommend hoovering down the sides of the cushions and under the cushions (where possible) once a week to ensure any crumbs or dirt don’t embed themselves into the fabric or leather.

Every six months, take out your care kit and use the formulas included on your sofa where necessary to freshen up the fabric or leather. There are special protective oils included with most aniline leather care kits that are necessary to preserve the character of the sofa and keep it protected from the everyday wear and tear of life – these should be applied as per the care kit directions.

If these tips are followed, you’re likely to remove your stain in the first instance almost every time, and you’ll be able to keep your sofa looking great and feeling comfy for longer if you follow our daily and weekly sofa maintenance tips.

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