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Here at Sofology, we don’t believe in Black Friday sales. Instead, we seek to offer value all year round and help our customers make an informed choice to find a sofa that they love – not make a rushed decision. That’s why, when the Black Friday sales were on, we ran a different, more eco-friendly alternative: Green Friday. 

Green Friday highlights our eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Black Friday madness. We showcased some of our more sustainable sofas because we’re dedicated to offering better deals for both you and the planet.

Learn more about Green Friday with our Green Friday Guide To Sustainable Sofa Shopping


Sofa Rental

One of the simplest ways to be more sustainable is by renting your sofa. We can help you with that with our new Loop scheme. When you’re done with the sofa, you can simply return it, and the materials that make up your product (including the seats, fillings, cushions, fabric, arms and springs) are repurposed to make something else, meaning nothing ends up in landfill.

The Loop scheme is designed to reduce waste and help you to shop sustainably. As well as a flexible way to find a new sofa, you’re also getting a great deal for the planet when you rent through Loop.

Innovative Materials

To live more sustainably, we’re becoming more conscious of the materials our furniture is made from. 

Seat Interiors

In our Sustainable Edit range of sofas, the contents of both the back cushions and the seat interiors are sourced with sustainability in mind, as well as the metal that the springs are made from.

Take our Bramley sofa – our commitment to sustainability starts with seat cushions made from Quallofil(R) Blue fibres, using 50% recycled plastic from the Plastic Bank, as well as our back cushions being filled with 100% recycled post-consumer waste polyester. 

With fully recyclable metal springs in each of our eco sofa ranges, this sofa gives you a helping hand when it comes to shopping sustainably.



Look for recycled or recyclable fabrics when searching for eco furniture like those on our Sustainable Edit. Even better, consider a sofa with loose replaceable covers, like our Vision range, which allows you to change the colour of your upholstery to suit a new look, without needing to buy an entire new sofa.


Production Methods

Our Hyde Park sofa is created from recycled fabrics and no water is used to grow the fibres in the fabrics, nor is any used in the dyeing process either.

Another way we are doing our part for the planet is by helping to replace natural resources. With our Plantree scheme, we plant a tree for every order, and have planted over 200,000 trees since the scheme began – this is in addition to launching our more eco-friendly, sustainable sofas.



On the last step of our guide, let’s talk about the durability of your sofa. Buying a quality sofa that is made to last is more sustainable. If it lasts longer, fewer sofas will end up in landfill. One of the key features about all of our ranges – including our environmentally-friendly ranges – is our 20-year guarantee. If you find a quality sofa that you truly love, rather than one that is just on a Black Friday deal, then you’re less likely to need a new one any time soon – helping you to live a more sustainable life from the comfort of your sofa.

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