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Shinrin Yoku is the art of forest bathing – a way of achieving relaxation whilst being at one with nature. In the chilly weather of winter, it might be a little tricky to enjoy the wonders of nature and adventurous walks in local forests -so why not achieve the relaxing feel of Shinrin Yoku at home?

Calming tones, botanical shades

Recreate a forest atmosphere in your living room with greens and earthy shades. A good way to achieve the right colour scheme is to combine furniture made from raw wood and choose matching tones to complement it in your space. We’d recommend layers of olive and emerald to create a nature inspired space that’s designed to revive and refresh.

Our style tip: “Green has become the go to choice for paints and wallpaper. Associated with health, rebalancing and growth, it works wonderfully with layered tones and shades.” – Suzy McMahon, Sofology Buying Director.


You want your home to feel like an indoor woodland wonderland, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cosy and express your personality. Glass accessories, like side tables or even vases and picture frames, are a great addition in a Shinrin Yoku-inspired space as they will catch the light and give your space a brighter feel. Ideally you want to be using mostly wooden elements in your space, but feel free to mix it up with metallic furniture if that’s more to your taste

Bring the outside in

Don’t forget to use nature to your advantage, layering different fresh botanicals, plants and leafy shrubs to give your space an authentic look and feel. Having a range of different plants is great for this look, but also in helping you to stay calm and relaxed – studies have shown that having plants in our homes helps to reduce stress and can aid your wellbeing by improving the air quality in your space. 

Our style tip: “Let trailing plants cascade over furniture to soften hard edges in a room.” – Faye Leeming, Sofology Occasional & Accessories Buyer

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