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It’s National Bed Month, and that means giving your sleep set up a bit of a spring clean. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current bedroom layout, or trying to redesign and redecorate your space, we’ve got 7 style tips that will help you sleep in beauty.

Mix and match shades

Avoid one monotone shade and make it interesting! Find a colour you really like and choose matching or contrasting shades to bring your vision to life. Painting your ceiling a different colour can really bring the room to life, and choosing an interesting light fixing can break up the empty space above your head.

The right bed 

Whether a king size bed is just right or you need a superking to suit your needs, you’ll be able to find a place to curl up and relax with our brand new range of beds. Looking to emulate some hotel-chic style? Take a look at our Shoreditch bed. Love the ski-lodge look? Our Eski bed is the choice for you. No matter which one you choose, make sure there’s plenty of clear space around your bed so you can get around the room with ease.

Use textures

Layer multiple textures throughout your bedroom to add extra depth – this can be across blankets, throws and cushions or even a textured duvet and pillow set. Our warm, tactile Camille throw is a great choice here, and we’d always recommend you mix up the sizes, textures and patterns you use to add extra interest.


Placing a side table on one or both sides of your bed can go a long way towards decluttering your space. Handy for drinks, a lamp or a place to put your night time read, a bedside table like our Kitty or Hart end tables offer plenty of storage space with a handy drawer and spacious tabletop.

Add a footstool

Continuing with storage opportunities, why not use a storage footstool to your advantage? It may seem an odd addition to a bedroom, but a large ottoman at the end of your bed, like our Islington bench footstool, is a great place to keep blankets, cushions and extra bedding. What’s more, it’ll add an extra stylish touch to the space.

A multi-purpose room

Your bedroom is the place to settle down every evening for a restful night’s sleep – but if you want to make it a multifunctional space, why not combine a cosy accent chair with the soft glow of a reading lamp? This will give you a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Final touches

Choosing the right sized bed is important so you and your partner can stretch out and enjoy a good night’s sleep. But what if they hog the duvet? It’s a good idea to buy a duvet that’s one size bigger than your mattress, so you can both stay covered and cosy during the night.

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