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Here at Sofology, we want everyone to feel at home on a sofa they love – and we know that our four legged friends are very much part of the family.  

With over 40% of households in the UK owning a pet, with dogs and cats leading the way as the most popular choice for companionship and happiness, it’s clear that they hold a special place in the home.

Home as a sanctuary

Our homes are our sanctuary, the place we want to relax in comfort and style  –  how do we keep it that way with our furry friends around whilst ensuring comfort for all?  Here we share our suggestions for striking the balance.

Pets at play

Try to set aside a specific area for pet play to avoid toys being strewn all over the home.  Your pet needs to let off steam but in busy households, hallways can quickly become cluttered and littered with trip hazards. If there’s no room to create an area, tidy toys away in a box but make sure it’s accessible for your pet.

Matching styles

Your pet needs somewhere to relax and chill, just as you do. Here at Sofology, we recognise that just as comfort is key, the style and design of a sofa is equally as important in achieving a stunning look in the home. So we introduced dog sofas to complement some of our ranges so that your pooch can relax in a style that befits the look you’re trying to create in your home – you and your pooch can match or mix styles depending on your personal tastes!

Entrances and hallways

Consider the flooring with pets in mind when styling your home, especially entrances and hallways.  Muddy paw prints from rainy days out exploring will be easier to clean with tiles, laminate or even hardwood flooring than cleaning a plush carpet surface.  Entrances in particular should be considered with your pet in mind to avoid a continual battle with stains.

Wagging tails cannot easily be tamed and you may find that your walls can get as mucky as your floors.  Textured walls are probably a big no-no with pet fur around – opt to use a highly durable paint on walls that can easily be wiped clean without damaging the paint work.  

However well trained your pet is, there will be occasions when their mischievous nature gets the better of them. Our cleaning guide contains essential hints and tips to deal with these occurrences and help to keep your pet in line and your home looking pristine.

Pet friendly fabric

When the family relaxes at the end of the day on the sofa, we know that can mean the whole family – including your pets.  If the idea of maintaining your sofa when you have pets seems like hard work, then we’ve introduced a new pet friendly fabric to some of our ranges for that extra peace of mind.  Our new pet friendly fabric provides more protection than traditional fabrics against pet claws.  With a velvet look and feel, the fabric is soft and luxurious to relax on, and comes in a series of stylish designs and stunning shades  – but the fabric is smooth to the surface meaning that pet hairs can be wiped away with ease.  What’s more, most household stains can be easily cleaned from this fabric with just water making it easier to get rid of pet odours.  Remember that all our stores are dog friendly – meaning that the whole family can come along and try out this range and make sure you all agree on a sofa that you love.

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