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Bonfire Night is one we all look forward to, with vibrant colours and stunning visual displays making it one of the most thrilling sights of the year. Traditionally, watching the fireworks has meant wrapping up in hats, gloves and scarves to protect you and your family from the cold as you head out to see the best of your local display. This year, it’s going to be a little different. Snuggle up away from the autumn chill and host your own family firework fun from the family sofa.

Make the most of your living room and settle in with the family on the sofa to enjoy the colours popping in the dark night sky. Watching your own display from indoors means you can ensure the kids are safe, while keeping an eye on the family pets too. You might even want to build them a snug den to tuck themselves away in while you enjoy the action. 

Here are our top tips for setting up a cosy spot to watch the fireworks on the fifth of November.

The perfect firework vantage point

You need to find the best viewpoint so you can see the rockets, wheels and sparklers in all their glory. Thankfully, all it’ll take is a little reshuffling of your living room. To create that perfect viewing space, move the family sofa so it’s directly in front of the living room window. Throw the curtains wide open, pull up the blinds and sit back on your comfy, soft sofa. It’ll be like having your own widescreen TV set up for the show ahead.

Get cosy on the sofa

One member of the family might be heading out into the cold to light the fireworks, but everyone else can get wrapped up and cosy. To make the perfect autumn den, toss a few throws and blankets across the sofa and get your scatter cushions out. That way, once the fireworks start, you can turn off the lights, cuddle up with the family and enjoy that cosy, winter’s evening feeling, all without leaving the house.

Sofa snacks and drinks

It wouldn’t feel like Bonfire Night without the perfect snacks and drinks. Bring the feeling of an autumn night under the stars to life with some warming hot beverages and a few autumn favourites and transform your home into the ultimate Bonfire Night gathering. Hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, along with big bowls of warm, crunchy popcorn. You might even want to let the kids make their own popcorn in the microwave (supervised, of course).

For something a little more savoury, crispy-skinned baked potatoes topped with Bonfire chilli or melted cheese are sure to go down a treat. And of course, when it’s time for the display to start, make sure everyone has a toffee apple at the ready. You might even want to break out the leftover sweets from your Halloween party for an extra sense of autumn indulgence.

Staying safe and having fun

One of the most exciting parts of Bonfire Night for the kids is feeling like they’re part of the colourful display. Sparklers have been a staple of the celebration for decades, and your little ones are not going to want to feel left out. Sparklers can be dangerous, especially for younger kids, so make sure you take precautions before you let them partake. You must always supervise children while they are using sparklers and have a cold bucket of water ready to put the hot metal sticks away safely once they’ve finished.

Stick with the indoor theme and bring Bonfire Night inside with indoor sparklers. Alternatively, have a break from the family night in and head out into the garden for a little bit of fun. Have your camera at the ready and take some quirky snaps for your Instagram feed by slowing down your shutter speed. Doing this will allow your kids to draw cool designs against the night sky with their sparklers.

The perfect family sofa

Whatever the reason for a night in with your nearest and dearest, nothing makes it feel quite as special as a comfy family sofa to settle into. From corner sofas to large leather sofas, finding the perfect option means you can enjoy fun-filled nights at home and create wonderful memories together.

For Bonfire Night, there’s nothing better than having everyone together watching the colours bursting into life across the night sky, which is why you need a large family sofa like the Midas in a four-seater option. With enough space for the whole family, this soft, sumptuous sofa is perfect for snuggling up on during a cold night.


Alternatively, consider the Gracy for your living room. This sofa has soft pillow arms and cloud-like cushions, all finished in supple Italian leather, for the ultimate in relaxation on dark autumn nights. 


Hosting a Bonfire Night at home allows you to have traditional fun without having to wrap up and protect yourselves from the cold. Find the perfect sofa for your family night in with Sofology.

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