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Offering style, comfort and space for the whole family to relax, a corner sofa can be a great option for large families, or for people who just love to stretch out and unwind.  With so many shapes, sizes and styles available, making a decision on which one is the right fit for your home can be a little tricky. From measuring your space, to choosing the right upholstery, here are our top tips to help you  make the right choice and find a corner sofa you love.

Measure up

You might fall in love with a great looking sofa but the first thing to consider is, will it fit? Start off by matching up the measurements on both the left and right hand sides of the corner sofa with the space available. Be sure to measure the width, height and the depth of the space – you could use masking tape to map the area out on the floor to ensure the sofa will fit. To make delivery easier, some of our corner sofas can be broken down by our expert delivery teams, so getting them into your home will be a breeze.

Some corner sofas can be split for delivery – if you’ve found one you love but space seems tight, then it might be worth checking online or with a Sofologist in-store if the sofa breaks down for delivery.

Shape and position

There’s a wide range of different styles of corner sofas, so the chances are you’ll find one that fits your home and makes the most of the space available. From L-shaped sofas, to curved corners and modular options, you can choose (or even create) a shape that’s just right for your living space.

L-shaped sofas

Left facing or right facing, these sofas can be great when you’re short on space as they give more seating without taking up too much room. They’ll still give you the flexibility to stretch out and relax when you want to and you can add a footstool for extra comfort.

C-shaped sofas

Great for entertaining or for large families, these sofas allow even more people to relax and work as a really cosy focal point in your living space. 

U-shaped/ curved sofas

Curved corner sofas can be statement pieces that add style to your home, as well as space for the family to curl up and unwind.

If you’re looking for space saving solutions, take a look at our corner sofas with handy storage or sofa bed options, like our Cubos or Cora ranges. Perfect if you’re short on space, these extra features let you make the most out of your living room.

If you can’t find a shape that’s exactly right for your home, consider where you’re positioning the sofa in your space – could you put it somewhere else in the room and move other furniture to accommodate? If not, take a look at our modular sofa ranges, and create a unique shape and size that’s right for you.

Choose the right look and feel

Love the leather look? Or are you feeling fabric? There are cosy fabric and leather corner sofas available in a vast array of shades that will perfectly suit your interior decor. Depending on your family and lifestyle, more luxurious fabric and leather options, like velvet and aniline leather, are available that will add extra texture, comfort and intrigue to your space, but they need a little extra care to stay looking great.

Leather buying guide Fabric buying guide

Check out our buying guides for more information on the right upholstery for you. If you have a busy family, opt for more hard wearing materials like woven mix and microfibre fabric, or pigmented and semi-aniline leather. Hard wearing, warm and cosy, these materials look great and are easier to maintain in homes with children and pets.

The right accessories

Some corner sofa ranges come with scatter cushions included, but you can add extra style to your new sofa with additional scatter cushions and throws. Scatter cushions and throws will add extra texture to your sofa, giving it a more inviting and cosy feel – if you’re feeling adventurous, look for patterns, prints and shades that contrast the colour of your sofa, to give your space extra intrigue. 

Looking for the right table, rug and light fixtures to match your new corner sofa? Browse our Accents collection and find just the right pieces for your home.

Browse our Accents accessoriesShop the room

In need of some major inspiration? Take a look at our Shop the Room pages, where we’ve brought together cosy sofas and matching accessories to create styles and room designs we think you’ll love. Copy the look exactly or choose items in the space and add them to your own style – the choice is yours.

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