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Imagine picking the perfect new sofa, impatiently waiting for delivery, excitedly placing it in your living room, getting to sit on it for the first time… and not being comfortable. How disappointing would that be? You might not have to imagine all that hard – maybe this has already happened to you in the past.

In fact, 43% of people we surveyed said they were unhappy with the comfort of their current sofa. With the average lifespan of a sofa being 7-10 years, it makes sense to not take comfort for granted when you head out sofa shopping. We know you won’t love coming home to your sofa at the end of the day if it doesn’t offer you the blissful relaxation you deserve.

Here at Sofology, we do things a little bit differently. We put comfort first, and never compromise on crafting a sofa that delivers both on style and substance. Our mission is to make every customer feel at home on a sofa they love. That being said, not every sofa is comfortable for everyone.

From firm and supportive, to soft and luxurious, you need to make the right decision for you. Here’s our guide to choosing the right level of comfort to make sure you’re not one of the 43% of people who don’t love their sofa. Take a look at our run through of the most popular types of seat interiors used in our 200 exclusive ranges. Which will be the most comfortable sofa for you?

Sprung core for a firm sit & easy care

Some ranges with fixed cushions like the Marni have sprung core seats. This means that inside each seat is a layer of supportive springs, topped with a thick piece of foam and finished with a layer of cotton wool-like fibre to add a little softness. These seats are the lowest maintenance option of them all. They give a firm, supportive feel and hold their shape with very little upkeep. As with all kinds of seats, you should use your sofa as evenly as possible (rather than favouring one spot in particular) in order to prevent more wear on one cushion than the others.


Enjoy the best of both

You’ll find that lots of our ranges feature a hybrid seat filling that uses both foam and fibre to create a really comfortable sofa. We use a few different variations of hybrid interiors, the most common of which is called Encore. This is made up of a foam core, wrapped in a thick layer of super soft fibre so that you enjoy a much softer sit than foam, with a lot less maintenance than fibre seats. Find this type of seat filling in the lovely Ariana range.


Sink into fibre seats

For the ultimate in luxury and indulgence, you should consider choosing fibre filled seats like you’ll find on our gorgeous Majestic sofa. Sumptuously soft, these interiors give the cushions a ‘sit in’ feel, so you’ll sink into them when you relax at the end of a long day. Whilst fibre seats are often seen as the most comfortable option, they are also the highest maintenance of all the different types of seats. Without regular plumping, the cotton wool like fibre inside can easily become matted. This causes the seats to lose volume, and your sofa will feel less comfortable. Plump the seats after each use and they’ll stay looking great.


Something extra special

We’re always adding to and enhancing our collection of exclusive sofa ranges – and this brings new developments along. An innovative new interior can be found in our Brinley and Persia ranges, which both feature seats with a foam core, Dacron fibre wrap and a sumptuously soft feather topper. This clever mix results in a super comfortable, luxurious sit.


So now you know a little more about each option, the best thing to do is head to your nearest Sofology store and try some sitting down! Browse more sofas online at sofology.co.uk

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