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Chances are, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a seat on an authentic, Italian crafted, 100% natural leather sofa, you’ll already know what all the fuss is about. But, if you’re in any doubt about why we choose Italian design and craftsmanship for so many of our beautiful Italian leather sofa ranges, we’re here to let you in on what makes these sofas stand out from the crowd.

Why Italy?

Whether you want a new leather jacket, a designer leather handbag or a statement leather sofa, if you want the very best, you’ll need to look no further than Italy. The country’s reputation for their ability to produce the world’s finest leather is well known and well founded.

Consider the rich history of Italian leather in the fashion industry. Often favoured by the most exclusive designers, Italian style, craftsmanship and products are always in vogue, and always in demand.

It makes sense, therefore, to turn to Italian expertise to help us create stunning, timeless furniture for your home. Your sofa is the centrepiece of your living room, and the heart of your home, and an Italian leather sofa offers the very best in every respect.

What makes it the best?

Although we only ever use 100% natural leather on every part of every sofa, some leathers are more premium than others. The leather chosen by our Italian craftsmen comes from only the softest, warmest hides. Full of natural character, you can expect this leather to be marked with the rich history of the animal’s life. From scratches and tick bites to brand marks, every blemish on the natural hide enhances the leather, creating a beautiful, rich, authentic heritage that can never be replicated by any type of leather substitute or replacement.

With no two hides ever the same, you can rest assured that when you purchase a natural Italian leather sofa, your piece of furniture will be completely unique and one of a kind. The untreated leather is second to none for its warmth and softness and will give a distressed, lived-in look. As this leather is so easy to scratch, scuff and mark, the lived-in look will become richer and deepen as the furniture ages, resulting in an exquisite, designer look piece of furniture.

It should be noted that this level of beauty and sumptuous softness does make this type of leather unsuitable for homes with young children and pets. Although designed to look weathered, an Italian leather sofa needs a little extra care and regular conditioning to stay supple. For more information on how to care for an untreated leather sofa, read our leather care guide here.

What different styles can I choose from?

However you like to relax, you can be sure that you’ll feel more wrapped in luxury when you choose an Italian leather sofa.

If you want a real statement piece for your living room, you could consider styling your space around our beautiful Valentino Italian leather range. Each piece is finished with antique look, hand nailed studs that add another level of individuality and enhance the designer feel.

Prefer a chunky, oversized corner that you can really stretch out on? The Mazzini looks every bit as incredible as it feels. The natural leather is full of character, enhanced by the soft quilting detail that pads the arms. As soon as you relax into this luxurious sofa, you’ll realise exactly why Italian design and craftsmanship is so in demand.

For a really simple, classic look, you’ll love the clean lines of the Fellini. The simplicity of the Italian design draws your attention to the warmth, softness and natural character of the premium leather. As it wears over the years, this character will deepen and develop, leaving you with a beautifully weathered effect that will add a distinguished air to any room.

Can’t wait to explore more stunning Italian leather sofas? Browse more sofas online and in store today.


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