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Home decor trends often change but one colour has remained popular over the last few years – championed as the new neutral and popular throughout the home from walls to kitchens, to tiles and sofas, grey has been so prevalent that you’d be forgiven for thinking that beige had had its day.

However, 2021 sees the popularity of a new  ‘new neutral’ trend emerge – and it’s essentially back to beige! Warm cream, oatmeal and stone shades have surfaced that shift away from the cool greys that have dominated our homes in recent times. 

A neutral colour scheme doesn’t mean boring, as our customers demonstrate, sharing their ‘new neutral’ inspiration from their amazing homes.  Versatile and elegant, starting with a natural or a beige sofa, with the addition of textures and shapes, there’s no reason you can’t make a space interesting with this palette of colour.

This calm interior scheme, trading bold colour for textures and tones of the same shade, is also inspired by the rising consideration for sustainability and more care taken over the pieces we choose for our homes with natural furnishings and recyclable materials.  

Considered and cosy – and at a time when the outside world can seem a very turbulent place – it has a comforting familiarity about it. 

Check our our neutral and beige sofas looking relaxed in our customers homes









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