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Your sofa is the heart of your home, a place where you come together with your nearest and dearest to relax and enjoy some special moments together. It’s where you catch up, unwind or, occasionally, fall asleep in front of the TV. It’s the setting of those special everyday moments. So when you’re choosing your new sofa, you deserve to make the perfect choice.

In the past, finding a sofa you love could be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Roaming around the local furniture shop without much direction, sinking down on sofa after sofa and – very quickly – losing hope of finding something special amidst a myriad of options. Our research shows that more than 40% of us aren’t happy with our current sofa choice – and that just doesn’t seem right.

Thanks to the swathes of technology emerging in recent years, finding the perfect sofa is now a dream that can come true. From using a tablet to add sofas to your favourites as you walk around store, to viewing every colour option online, discover how Sofology can make sofa shopping the heart-warming experience you want it to be.

Browse sofas online

At home, on the train or in the garden, online shopping means you can find your new sofa on the move, or perhaps just narrow your search before you head into store. However you choose to do it, browsing online makes your experience as comfortable and relaxing as your new sofa will be.

Flick through our ranges wherever and whenever you want, choosing between leather or fabric sofas, or a combination of the two. When you find one you like, you can send a screenshot to your friends and family. Sleep on it – maybe even dream about it – and make sure it really is the perfect match for you.

Finding a style to suit your home

You’ll probably have a pretty clear idea what colour of sofa you’re looking for before you even start looking, with mood boards and Pinterest combining to help you sculpt the ideal living room in your mind. Whether you’re making a statement with the Liberte sofa in sumptuous plum velvet or looking for something more neutral like the Maltby corner sofa in natural leather, you want a shade that complements your interior style vision.

In the past, seeing a sofa in different colours and materials was left to your imagination – perhaps with the help of some fabric swatches in store. You’d have a vague idea, but ultimately, you’d have to wait until delivery day to see if you’re happy with your choice.

Thanks to the advanced rendering technology we use, and the stunning lifestyle shots we take for every one of our ranges, you can see a visualisation of each sofa in every colour variation and shape available. Our lifestyle shots allow you to imagine the sofa of your dreams in a home environment, so it looks just right. No guesswork. No surprises.

3D renders

The world of HD viewing has transformed our online shopping experience. Detailed 3D images help you see every detail, from the colour of the fabric and the shape of the arms to the little things like shiny studs and elegant stitching. It’s almost like you’re looking at the real thing.

Because each sofa is handcrafted exclusively for you, it’s not always possible for us to photograph every colour and configuration of each of our over 200 ranges. Instead, we can model each sofa and add the colour and texture of the fabric or leather later using extremely advanced technology. The result? An almost lifelike replica you can use to visualise the sofa in your chosen shade, in your home.
Viewing these 3D renders online, and referencing the lifestyle photograph as well, can help you make an informed decision that answers the ultimate question: Is this the best sofa for me?

Sofology Maltby grey sofa

In-store assistance

Prefer to see and feel the real thing? Drop into your local Sofology store and experience tradition and technology in perfect harmony. Relax in the ambience of our cosy room settings, sink into cloud-like cushions and feel the soft fabrics against the palm of your hand. If you’d like to find out more about the sofa, ask one of our Sofologists for help. They can use a tablet and browse the full range of colours, fabrics and sizes which are available for you. Many of our stores have digital displays too, so you can see all the options the collection has to offer on screen.

We want to keep our atmosphere in stores relaxed, and we don’t want to push you into buying a sofa that might not be the perfect fit for you. Our Sofologist will note down your favourite sofas as you take a look around, saving them to a MySofology account that you can easily access again later. You can then view these favourites at home and spend some time taking another look at the sofas you fell in love with, and seeing if they would work well in your living room. Once you’ve decided, order the sofa online or pop back in store once you have a better idea of which sofa felt right for you. Find out more about our stores here.

Buying a new sofa is about so much more than having somewhere to sit. The perfect sofa provides comfort at the end of a long day, filling your heart with the warm sense of belonging as you stretch out on the cushions. When you find the perfect sofa, you feel like you’ve come home. Browse the online Sofology collection today.

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