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As winter descends, there’s nothing quite like being cosied up at home, hiding away from the elements. When it’s cold and dark outside, nothing beats the feeling of being curled up on the perfect sofa for winter. Imagine sipping hot chocolate, your favourite book in hand – making just a few little changes can transform your living room into a snug winter den.

You don’t have to do too much to get that feeling of winter warmth, either. Embrace the season, build on the style you already have, and make home feel even homelier.
To help, we’ve put together our list of some little things you can include to make your house feel that much cosier this winter.

Blankets and throws

Adding in some comfy accessories can perfectly transition your space whilst also keeping you feeling toasty and warm.
Think about incorporating different styles and textures into the setting – chunky-knit blankets spread across the back of the sofa, luxe-style throws tossed over the arms or tucked up in blanket boxes ready to be pulled out to cover chilly toes, and plump cushions dotted across the seats.
Winter is all about feeling snug, nestled away from the ice and snow and, with a few cosy accessories it’s easy to transform your sofa for winter. Kicking back on a Sunday evening will never feel more appealing.

Lamps and lighting

Shut out the darkness of the outside world and create a toasty, cosy cave with some subtle mood lighting. Perfect for those evenings curled up with a book, soft lights can add to that feeling of warmth – and put your brain in the right mood for sleeping.
Side table lamps give a soft glow and can be moved around the room to illuminate a cushy reading corner, or add a moody atmosphere to an enthralling box set. For an intimate setting, candles are perfect for adding a little glimmer of light. You can use a cluster of candles in the middle of a coffee table to create some ambience or spread them out to light up the whole room.
If you want more light without using candles, fairy lights can create some radiance and can be set to blend in with the aura of the room, not to mention getting you in the mood for the festivities ahead. Try elegantly wrapping them around your curtain pole or hang them up along your shelving to add a little twinkle.

Ornaments and décor

A few small changes can make a big difference and give your room a completely different feel as the season turns from the rusty palette of autumn to a silvery winter glow. Adding in a few knick-knacks and accessories is an easy way to transform a space with minimal effort. Think wooden ornaments, evergreen plants and elegant patterns. You don’t have to rework your whole room, just simply incorporate a few accents reminiscent of winter.
Rich colours like burgundy, rouge and deep greens perfectly match the feeling of the season and by using a whole host of different accessories, you can incorporate these colours seamlessly into the design of your room.

A sofa for winter

A cosy, cold-conquering haven wouldn’t be complete without the heart of your living room – the sofa. For winter snuggles, try the Weekend. This totally modular sofa is crafted from a choice of either soft velvet fabric or warm, supple leather – with feather filled back cushions you can move anywhere on the sofa, you can relax in just the right position to suit you. This range is perfect to sprawl out on in front of a good movie.

The modular Cubos corner sofa is built for relaxation, with squishy foam and fibre seats and back cushions filled with pillowy fibre for the ultimate in cosy comfort. Create a shape and size to suit you in a patchwork of different fabric shades, or in one consistent tone, and choose the sofa bed option that’s perfect for surprise guests this winter.

With deluxe accessories, sumptuous fabrics and the perfect sofa for winter, you can transform your home into a retreat where you can relax away from the chill. Find the perfect sofa for your winter haven with Sofology.

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